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How to Detect Counterfeit US Money

How to Detect Counterfeit US MoneyThere are, truth be told, thousands of fake bills around. That, per use, should be none of your business. But, what if you become a victim and you suddenly have counterfeit US bills in your pocket? And what if you try to put this money on the bank? Definitely, you would be in some deep trouble.

This is the very reason why each and every American needs to know how to detect counterfeit US money. Fortunately, for all of us, US bills have been precisely created in order to ensure that they stand out a midst the fake bills. In other words, even with a small degree of vigilance, you will be able to spot the fake from the real ones.

The texture

The supplier of the special papers used in our bills is actually exclusive. In other words, the paper used is one of the very few things that the US Central Bank has monopoly. As such, nobody can get these papers other than this specific branch of the US government.

This further means that makers of fraud US bills do not have access to these papers, which is good news. If you feel a genuine US bill with your hands, you would see that it actually feels a bit like it is made of cloth. That is because it truly is part-cloth. Fake bills feel smooth, much like photo papers.

Fraud detection device

One of the surest ways of identifying the real from the fake is with the use of an electronic device designed for this very purpose. The real bills are actually printed using high-grade magnetic ink. Like the special paper, only the government has access to this. Thus, no matter how brilliant the counterfeiter might be, his money won’t make it through this device.

Compare the two bills

Basically, if you have a suspicious-looking bill at hand, the best thing for you to do is to grab a genuine one and compare them circumspectly. Analyze the prints, especially the bust and the backgrounds; compare the feel of the paper. Be sure, however, that you get another bill with the same series or date as your suspected fake bill. This is because bills have been redesigned once since the 1990s.

Watch out for some helpful signs

There are helpful hints that were released by the US Secret Service a few years ago on how to detect counterfeit bills. Here are some in addition to the above pointers:

The portraits and seals

The portraits and seals of genuine bills are more defined and richer in detail. The same cannot be said of counterfeit bills, especially those which are already old.


As in the seals and portraits, the border in a genuine bill is very clear. Try crumpling or wetting the suspected bill, you will see minute changes. These changes do not happen with genuine bills as these are printed using high-grade magnetic ink.

The thing is, it does not need a genius to spot the fake. Every time you receive a bill, just feel every single one from with your hand. Definitely, you would be able to tell if it is fake or not.