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How to Develop a Code of Ethics

How to Develop a Code of Ethics Photo

It’s good to know how to develop a code of ethics. After all, many people want to be remembered as good. You might want to be known as someone who made a positive difference. Code of ethics can help with this. Keep these few things in minds:

Consider what’s important to you

A code of ethics will generally be about being a good person. But it’s also important to think about who you are. Consider what is important to you. And then integrate it into the code.

For example, if the environment is important to you, then put it into the code. Explicitly mention the fact that you wish to care for the planet. This will become part of the criteria for doing good for you. This will personalize your code of ethics.

Look for role models

It can be helpful to think about your role models. These are people who have impressed you with their lives. Think about those people’s code of ethics. How did they guide their own lives?

For instance, one of your role models may have been praised for his honesty. This could point to the fact that honesty is important to you. Study how the person implemented honesty in his or her life. Then try to replicate this.

Consider other codes of ethics

There are many different codes of ethics in the world. For instance, many of the religions that exist make reference to doing good. They usually provide rules for how a good person should live. Take a look at these for possible inspiration.

You don’t need to copy a code of ethics wholesale. You can just take the parts which you agree with, and leave the rest. What is important is that you put together something you believe in. After all, this will be a guiding document for your life.

Make sure it’s feasible

You need to make sure that the code of ethics is one that is feasible. Now, it still needs to be aspirational. This will challenge you to become a much better person. But if it isn’t somehow realistic, you might end up giving up on it.

For example, you might like to eat meat every once in a while. If that’s the case, it might not be a good idea to impose a strict vegan diet as part of your code. Maybe you can make the limitation less strict. Also, consider if this is something really that important to you.

A code of ethics is something that is good to have. It can help you navigate through life’s turbulent waters. Keep this advice in mind and craft your own code. It will help you live the life you want.