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How to Develop an Action Plan for Personal Improvement

How to Develop an Action Plan for Personal Improvement PhotoOne of the main reasons why you don’t succeed at something is because you don’t have the right action plan. This may even be considered as a challenge by many people.

Having action plans for various goals in life can give more benefits than what most people think. Indeed it can be hard, especially when trying to apply it.

Nevertheless, this short guide will help you towards developing an action plan.

Jot down your goal in details

The initial step for developing a personal improvement plan is to jot down your goal. This may be a long term or a short term goal. There are no restrictions when it comes to this, besides; it’s your personal improvement plan.

The following details should also be present:

  • Importance of the goal
  • Weaknesses and strengths with regards to achieving the goal
  • Who can help you achieve it?

These points are highly beneficial and shouldn’t be skipped or scratched off. Knowing it will support your mental state whenever you feel as you cannot continue with the action plan anymore.

Determine the helpful factors

Now that, you know your goal, the next step is to list down the factors that can help you achieve this goal. Keep in mind that these helpful factors should be based on reality and should not give you a harder time on achieving your goal.

If you want to lose 40lbs in a year, for example, you can consider writing “workout for 30 minutes every day at home” as a helpful factor. This is a stress to those who can’t afford a treadmill or go to the gym.

Determine the attitude to be changed

You should also include a list of attitude you need to change. If you’re a pessimistic type of person, you might want to consider changing that.

Following your action plan can be a tremendous challenge if you have the wrong set of attitude and the way of thinking.

Record your progress

It is particularly essential that you record your improvements regularly. This will serve as your guide if your action plan is actually working or not. This will also serve as your reminder that you’re doing well and that you should keep on improving.

You can search online and print a personal development plan template, or you can also create your own.

Maintain what you have learned

The last step is to maintain what you have learned, as well as, the changes you got accustomed. This part should be highlighted in your action plan sheet.

It is to remind you that you were able to finish your goal and that you learned valuable lessons.

Creating an action plan can be a tremendous challenge especially for those who don’t have an idea of its importance. Nevertheless, there are short guides such as this one that you can follow to help you out. It may be a typical sheet of paper for some, but for those who value changes and improvements in their life, every action plan they developed is a treasure.

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