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How to Develop Passion

How to Develop Passion Photo


Learning how to develop passion is a very important task. Indeed, many men tend to underestimate the influence of passion in our lives. They couldn’t be more wrong. Passion, according to the dictionary, is a ‘strong feeling or emotion’. Passion, basically, is a word that we have come to associate with the strong desire to accomplish or acquire something. It is a sad fact that, for many of us, passion seems to dissipate as we age. When  we were still young, we craved to be someone and we desired to accomplish great things. But, the older we get, the more we lose interest on these things. This is probably because of the fact that older people are constantly bombarded with the harsh realities of life that we have all but lost our young dreams. Sadly, the more we become buried in these harshness, the older we become. Thus, here are some things which would, in one way or another, help us regain our passion.

Know what you really want

When we were young, we knew what we were going to be when we grew up. But, the older we get, the more we become unsure. All of a sudden, we realize that life is not at all what we imagined it to be. All of a sudden, we seem to realize that our youthful dreams are nothing more than youthful dreams. In more ways than one, this could be a wrong realization. For all you know, what you wanted to be before is what you really crave to be at present.

Basically, when you are miserable in your current work, there is a pretty big chance that your passion is not in it. You, therefore, have to sit back, and contemplate on what you really want to be. Find out your strengths, your skills and your waterloos since this would help you triangulate your passion.

Ramp up the muscles

When you do not use a part of your body regularly, that part becomes weak and brittle. That is why constant exercise is necessary in order to ensure that your muscles are built up. The same principle applies to your passion. If you do not use it, it will fade away. For instance, if you can write well and you chose a career that does not require you to write, then you will end up losing your ability to write.

Find the job that fits your passion

If you can write, and you are passionate about it, then choose a career that would enable you to constantly use your skill. This way, your passion would improve, in as much as your muscles would grow when you do physical exercises. Plus, they say that you won’t need to work if you find the job you are most passionate with.

Know your purpose

What is your purpose in life? What are you in this world for? These two questions are critical in feeding your passion. I, as a teacher, believe that I am created in order to enlighten the young minds of children. Without me, the children under me would probably fall victim to the fangs of ignorance and poverty. My work is important, I am important. As such, I am deeply passionate in doing what I do.

What about you? What is y

our purpose?