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How to Develop Poise

How to Develop Poise PhotoPoise is something every woman should have – whether you are single or married. Poise as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary is, “a state of balance, a particular way of carrying oneself”.

Poise would include how a woman would walk, talk and think. It is something that one can develop over time whether through professional help or merely learning it by yourself. A lot of factors can affect how one can portray poise – be it physically, socially or emotionally.

Yet, the key to developing poise is self-confidence. According to Confidence Coalition, three-fourths of girls who have a low self-esteem engage in negative activities like smoking and drinking. A sad truth that many teenagers go through in their lives. Yet self-confidence can be built over and over again. It is a treasure within that only you can find.

So how does one develop poise through self confidence?

Have good posture

Poised women are always conscious of their posture. This may be a little bit hard, but through practice and discipline, you will master the ways of having proper posture. To have a good posture one must practice to:

  • Lift head up
  • Chin should be level with the floor
  • Chest out
  • Shoulders are relaxed
  • Abdomen should be flat

Dress appropriately

For you to be called a poised woman, you must dress accordingly. You can dress whatever is comfortable on you but make sure you wear it with dignity.

If you wear something that shows too much skin, then don’t lean forward too much. You don’t want others to see your chest or your bum behind. Always dress best and act accordingly on how you dress.

Don’t talk loud

Shouting and laughing out loud is a no-no for a poised woman. You have to have refined manners wherever you may be and whoever you are with. If you have to say out something, you have to use words like “please”, excuse me” or “thank you”.

Always greet people with a smile. You do not have to impress people but instead show to them the positive aura in you.

Have manners

Show people that you are a woman who wants to be respected. To do so, you have also to show respect in return. Some ways would include not talking when your mouth is full or raising up your hand if you want to ask a question. These are simple manners one may neglect but are very important on how others will see you.

Do not be a mess. To have good manners, one has to be organized. Also, never talk on anyone’s back. Show respect by acknowledging differences between people.

A social environment may affect how a woman perceives poise. The way people talk around her or the way people see her as a whole may greatly affect how she sees herself. Nonetheless, with the right people to guide her in building her self-confidence, poise is not hard to develop.