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How to Develop Positive Attitude

How to Develop Positive Attitude PhotoNegativity has been the armor of choice of the 21st century. Suddenly it’s cooler to be sulky and pessimistic. The cheerful ones are labeled as idealistic and clueless.

But hold up, whether you like it or not, positivity does wonders to improve your way of life. Although society gladly accepts the emo kids, its the cheerful ones who bounce back faster from life’s beatings.

There are countless benefits of having a positive attitude. The best part is that developing a happy disposition is easier than you think. Read on to for a few tips on how to turn that frown upside down faster.

Document the happy moments

Stop using your phone camera just to take pictures of your food. Document anything that makes you happy. Whether it’s funny shirt slogans, bright flowers or sparkly makeup try to always watch out and snap a picture of things that make you smile.

Aside from pictures, make a playlist of music that reminds you of happy times too. According to a study conducted by Coca Cola, 18% of people attribute their happiness to music. So when you feel down, listen to all those show tunes that make you burst into laughter, no one has to know.

Surround yourself with positive people

Your friends affect your disposition a lot. So make an effort to be chums with people who have a positive outlook on life, because happiness is highly contagious.

It’s also less stressful to be friends with happy people. They won’t burden you with stories of gloom and doom but will instead have you brimming with positive stories that you can share to more friends.

So make an effort to smile back at that friendly officemate, or the always smiling barista at Starbucks. These are the people who can teach you a thing or two about happiness.

Stop stifling in laughter

Laughter is one of God’s greatest gifts. So stop giving a pursed smile when you want to give a big guffaw of laughter instead.

Laughter has often been touted as the best medicine.There is some truth to this adage, since laughter is a great stress buster. Since studies show that 70 to 90% of illness is strongly associated with stress, laughter can definitely provide indirect curative effects.

Maintain the cheap thrills

Being happy doesn’t always equate to a material price tag. Sometimes, its the cheap things that we look forward to that gets us through the day.

So the next time you have a hellish day, focus instead on rewarding yourself with a cheap thrill. Whether its a cupcake from the corner bakery or a McDonalds large fries, a simple rewards system can do wonders for your disposition.

Don’t always depend on the big buys to keep you smiling either, because this is a surefire way to go broke. Find happiness in small things, and you’ll definitely find happiness more often.

Limit Facebook and Twitter time

While all those social networking sites do wonders in helping you keep in touch, there are downfalls too. Studies have shown that too much online time causes bouts of depression, among other side effects.

There’s also that temptation to keep up with all the imagined fun you feel your peers are having. Judging peoples lives based on Facebook pictures isn’t healthy, nor is it accurate.

So to keep up a positive attitude, limit online time and interact with your friends out of cyberspace instead. Face to face contact definitely trumps twitter conversations anyway.

Stop being a couch potato!

While it’s healthy to laze around and do nothing once in a while, don’t do it too often! Those feelings of depression can be caused by your sedentary lifestyle.

Going for a quick jog or a trip to the gym can help in releasing endorphins, otherwise known as happy hormones. Its even better if you find yourself an exercise buddy so working out won’t feel like such a chore.

Reduce your Ego

One of the most important changes you can make for a chirpier self is a change of mindset. Stop thinking that everything revolves around you!

Most people have unwarranted feelings of guilt and shame because they feel like things are their fault. Over thinking and unnecessary worrying are two of the biggest epidemics of our generation.

But in truth there really is no need to worry that much. Numerous surveys have shown that only 8% of the things we worry about come true. That mean’s 92% of our worries are just a waste of time.

Let go

Take a page out of the hippie manual, and let go. Stop holding on to past hurts and past mistakes. These things do nothing but provide a raincloud of doom to your sunny days.

Judging people based on their past failures is doing them a disservice. So quit holding the past over people’s heads. A fresh start is refreshing and will do wonders for your optimism.

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