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How to Discover Your Passion

How to Discover Your Passion“Passion is energy”, Oprah had said. It is what fuels your soul to do wondrous things. It is what will help you achieve and succeed in life. But, some people have not found their passion yet. Some are misled, and they get lost. So how can you find your fuel?

Here are 5 ways on how to discover your passion in life:

Start with a blank slate

First, stop thinking about your business for a minute. Relax your mind. Clear your thoughts. You can’t find your passion and what drives you if your mind is all cluttered. Remove all the clutter and waste in your head. You can’t fill a cup that is already full, and you can’t use a cup that isn’t clean.

Revisit your childhood

After you’ve cleared your mind, remember your childhood dreams. Try to remember the answers you gave when you were asked what you want to be when you grow up. No matter how absurd or impossible the answers are, take note of them.

Next, try to remember why you wanted to do those things. These reasons might still stand today. Why childhood dreams, you ask? As a child, you had uncomplicated wants. And these understated wants are the purest ones because they are free of doubts and fears.

Identify your three F’s

The three F’s stands for fears, fatigue and forbidden. Identify your fears, what makes you tired and burns you out and what you consider forbidden. By identifying your fears, you know what holds you back. Your fatigues are what you should avoid at all costs. And those forbidden things speak of passions held back because of the standards of other people that you have adopted.

Opening these three doors can be quite frightening, but you have to face them. Don’t wait until the time is right. Find them now so you can avoid them and stamp them out later.

Write an inventory of talents

After the negative comes the positive. Make a list of the things you’re good at, the things you enjoy doing, and the things that give you a sense of purpose. Find the common denominator between these three. Compare to the list of your childhood dreams. And now, you have your passions.

Break the chain of “what ifs” and “buts”

Now that, you’ve discovered your oil field, it’s time to protect it. It’s time to break the shackles that hold you back from pursuing these dreams. Refrain from asking yourself “what if”. Refrain from stopping mid-sentence with the word “but”. Stop the negativity. Fill yourself with light.

The road will be tough, yes. But you have to be tougher. Start today. You shouldn’t even need to motivate yourself because you’ll be doing something you actually want. Remember the three F’s? Throw them out. Free yourself and pursue your passion today.

A life without passion is a fruitless life. Many businesses crumble and fall because the people in power lack passion. Sure, they are driven and hard-working. But passion is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. Passion in your work not only satisfies your wallet, but also satisfies your soul.