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How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge

How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge


The fact that disputing a charge on credit cards is just a piece of cake is the one thing  that most credit card companies don’t want you to know. And for most people, this is an awesome undertaking, a monumental endeavor. Of course that’s what most card companies want you to think. On the contrary, knowing your rights and the rules revolving around your credit card is the key towards an easier dispute case.

How To Deal With A Dispute

Look back

Oftentimes, your first step in dealing with all sorts of dilemma is to look back and make your own assessments. This works well with dispute problems as well. Retrace your steps and try to talk with the merchant. If you want to fix the problem with your own hands, then surely they want the same. Give them the chance to fix the problem and address your complaint to them.

Put it in writing

If the merchant doesn’t do anything, it’s time to take it to the next level. Write a short, detailed and precise letter about your complaint. Create several copies of it and send one copy each to the credit card company and to the merchant. Don’t forget to save a couple of copies for yourself. Sending one to the card company will let them see that you’re really exerting efforts with regards to fixing the problem.

Wait for the reply

Once the credit card company received your letter, expect a reply to arrive within 30 days. Making a complaint over the phone will enable you to receive a reply faster, often 7-10days. The company should then begin to fix the problem. They are given 60days or two billing cycles to finish this. You are still required to pay certain charges during this investigation process.

Continue the payment

Although you’re in the middle of a dispute dilemma, you should still continue to keep up with the payments. You can also charge anything on your card but ensure that you will send your payment to all the financing charges to the prevailing address. Refraining from doing so will only draw you some late-payment and interest charges.

Things You Should Remember

Everything must be documented – it’s very important to keep track of everything, thus keeping all the pertinent details is a must. Secure multiple copies of all the papers and make a log of your calls. You should also ensure that all email communications are accurate.

Recall any pre-existing accession – one common problem of most people is that they quickly do certain actions without paying enough attention to all details. Be responsible enough to keep your eyes on pre-existing accessions and that you haven’t signed anything in the past that may be in contrast with your dispute concern.

Bottom Line

Filing a dispute on your credit card charge is not really that difficult if you only think about the steps and ponder on them one by one. However, most people see this as something like passing through a needle-hole. Some even consider calling experts to help them out. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, you should still consider all the factors involved before making a step.