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How to Do a Charity Event

How to Do a Charity Event PhotoAs most party and event goers, charity event are honestly on the bottom list. It seems boring for them. But recently, there is a charity event that caught everyone’s attention. In a newspaper early in the morning, there is a very successful charity event that is organized by teenagers which is not typical. It was a blast! Here are some tips they’ve shared on how to do a charity event:

Know your guests

The most important role in a certain event are their guests. Since it is a charity event, you are raising money for people who need help. Highlight to your guests what is the purpose why you organize it. Normally, the people you would like to help are those in need. Not just financially or food to eat but also attention. Organizing a charity event may just a simple help for you but it’s a big thing for those people who will benefit the event most.

Try something new                                                                

Every event planner wants every event they made to be memorable. In order for them to do that, they need to try something new. A normal charity event includes feeding, gift giving and boring talks. If you are having a charity event for kids, why not hire a clown to entertain instead? And if it will be for teenagers, try to have a picture booth and for oldies, rent to set up a videoke booth to entertain them. Just experiment and try something new.

Advertise it

In order for you to gain more help, you need to advertise it. Spread the said charity events by creating leaflets with important information such as where the event will take place, time and date. You can also advertise it through social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Let people know about it and surely you have assistance you don’t expect. It may not be cash always, for some people who are not that rich, they can actually offer help by simple things like arranging chairs in the event, serving food, and many more.

Be open for feedback

It is important to gather the suggestions and criticism about the said event. Know if your audience meets their expectation. Nobody’s perfect but be open for feedbacks. In this way, you can improve and you can change something that they don’t like. It is good to share your own event planning ideas and let your event participants share their own views about which charity event theme they like, what food they would love to taste, and so on.

Look around for some other ideas and have fun with it. Anything that can make your charity event stand out from the others is an idea worth considering. Remember, using these strategies will benefit you in working out for long term enhancement rather than short term achievement.