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How to Do Business with a Stranger

How to Do Business with a Stranger PhotoHave you ever experienced being in a public event alone, and you realized that it’s not that easy to strike a conversation with someone you barely even know?

Most people aren’t born charmers, and they find conversing with strangers an awkward experience. But when you’re in business, awkwardness is something you cannot afford.

Here are five tips and tricks to do when dealing business with a complete stranger:

Start out naturally

Don’t think of business if it makes you nervous. Start a natural conversation. When in doubt, you can always start with “Hi” or “Hey”. The trick is to make it sound as natural as possible.

When they’ve zeroed in on a target stranger, most people jump into business right away. But this is a complete buzz kill. Some people don’t respond to boring business talks. The best way is to start casually.

You may have entered the event alone, and you may not have gained a customer. But you just might leave gaining a friend or two, and that’s an excellent start.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t confine yourself in your room or house. Go to public events. Socialize and mingle with people. You’ll never get the hang of approaching a possible customer if you don’t practice.

Run lines in your head, and use them with your friends, or even to acquaintances and other people you meet. Talk to a random person on the bus or train. Do it until it comes out of you naturally.

Don’t take rejections personally

Rejections are normal. Not all people are at ease talking to strangers. That’s where you started, remember? That’s why it’s important to start casually and lightly, with no hint of business at all. This will make the stranger ease up to you and be more comfortable.

When you are rejected, shrug it off, try again with the next person. Don’t think that you’re not good enough or confident enough. Try to think of why you were rejected and maybe it can help you with the next introduction.

Try new approaches

Trying out different techniques is closely connected to rejections. If you’re rejected a few times in a row, take a step back and review your approach. Maybe you’re coming off too strong to your possible client. Or maybe the conversation was too casual.

Don’t be afraid to change your tactics. Learn from your rejections. Different approaches are needed for different types of people. The key is to know what approach to match that specific stranger.

Be confident

Lastly, confidence is the key to a successful business deal. If your possible client senses your doubt in yourself, then he will doubt you as well. Be confident and let your actions and words back you up.

Confidence will also help you ease up on the stranger you’re talking to. This will, in turn, make them feel comfortable talking with you.

In business, there are risks involved. One of these risks involves getting out of your comfort zone and packing up the courage to talk to strangers. Who knows? The next stranger you talk to might just land you a great business deal.