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How to Donate Blood for Money

How to Donate Blood for Money Photo


Donating blood usually only takes 1 hour of your life, but it can give additional years for someone else. But despite that, the ratio of those who simply pass by blood letting booths and those who stop by and donate blood are drastically distant. Perhaps if people will realize that they can make money by donating plasma, they would opt lying on beds with anger management balls in their hands.

Donating blood for money is not just selling your blood, it’s more about being practical. You earn some dollars to add to your savings, the person who’ll benefit from your blood would have longer years in this sphere. More like a good barter. Now, here it goes.

Search online

First thing’s first, go and search online for various blood letting campaigns or blood drives around your area. Determine the organization handling the drives and call them one by one. Ask and list down the requirements and qualifications before you can donate. Other queries such as “how much will you pay if I’ll donate 3 bags of blood?” should not be asked over the phone unless they will state their price. It is simply disrespectful.

Compare, assess and choose a drive

Now that you know their requirements and qualifications, it’s time to compare and assess yourself. Most probably the requirements are relatively similar. You should be at least 18 years of age, having the right weight for your age, must be healthy and didn’t get any tattoos for the past year and most importantly, you should be willing to donate.

Also, most organizations do not accept donors who have skin and mouth sores who have taken antibiotics for the past 3 days, has dental procedures for the past 24 hours, who had malaria for the past 3 years, or cancer for the past 5 years. It may sound too strict but these requirements and qualifications are just to ensure that the receiver of your blood will not experience bigger dilemma in the future.

Keep yourself healthy

Now that you know the qualifications, all you have to do is ensure that you’re healthy enough before donating blood. If you’re planning to donate tomorrow but you just had a dental procedure today, you can always ask earlier for the next bloodletting schedule of your chosen organization. If it’s necessary to take vitamin C supplements to help your system be stronger then better do so.

What about the payment?

Since your main reason for donating is to earn a couple of bucks, you can head to the office of the organization to ask if they’re paying or not. Some may be looking for volunteers only. You can also ask the American Red Cross and the American Blood Bank about the payment and their blood drive schedules.

Just like what’s mentioned in the introduction, donating blood can consume only an hour or less of your life but adds more years to someone else’s life. Whether you badly need cash or you simply want to help, donating your plasma is truly one good option.