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How to Dress Business Casual

How to Dress Business Casual PhotoBusiness casual is a form of dress code that can be worn in the office or during business gatherings. This is a more casual-looking attire than the conventional business wear. If you want to know how to dress business casual, here are some suggestions for you.

Tips for men


Choose collared shirts or long-sleeve shirts which you can tuck. Wear this with the right belt. To look business casual, you don’t have to wear a necktie. It is also great to wear a polo shirt but you should not use golf shirts. Shirts that you wear should come with a formal fabric such as cotton and wool.


There are various choices for pants and among those that you can choose are khakis, trousers and dress pants which are considered business casual. You should not be wearing jeans in the workplace. Moreover, the pants that you choose should not have loud colors. Don’t wear purple, green, yellow or red pants. Just stick with brown, grey, black and others. Moreover, the pants that you wear should have proper length.


You should not be wearing rubber shoes at work. Stick to leather shoes that suit your attire. You can go for grey, black or brown shoes. Avoid pants that come in bright colors and go for the neutral or earth tones.

Tips for women

Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses need to be in appropriate length and you have to avoid those distracting cuts as well. Ensure that hem falls lower than the knees. Grey and black are great for skirts. Avoid sundresses and those that have loud colors and come with different patterns that look too eye-catching. Also you should avoid too sexy or the low-cut dresses like the backless.


Don’t wear jeans if you want to dress business casual. Khakis, linen pants, dress pants and other more formal choices are great for you.

Shirts or blouses

Women have lots of options to go for to dress business casual. You can go for plain shirts, blouses, cotton shirts, vests, sweaters and sleeveless shirts which you can fantastically mix and match with your skirts and pants.


It is not business casual if you wear sneakers, sandals or flip flops. Your choice of footwear may include flat trouser shoes, leather shoes, open toed shoes and high heels.

There are many employers choosing the business casual dress code so that the employees can work comfortably. They will also better express themselves through the attire they wear. However, one should know the line between dressing business casual and looking casual.