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How to Eat for Free

How to Eat for Free PhotoWith the economic problem most countries are experiencing, it’s just ordinary for people to think of ways on how to lessen their everyday expenses. One perfect solution to that is to get free food.Yes, you read that right! There is such thing as free food. And take note, most of these meals are hefty and can surely fill your hungry stomach. Interested? Read along.

Let the boss do the paying

If your boss invited you to dine out with other clients, never give a negative answer. This is your chance to get free food. Technically, the one who does the invite should be the one who’ll pay the bill. Now you don’t have to think about lunch or dinner anymore. And because clients are also invited, you could truly expect a scrumptious meal.

You don’t have to feel guilty about this because the money used is not right from your boss’s pocket, it’s from the company’s cash pool.

Do magic with the leftovers

You can also eat for free with all the leftovers in your house. Instead of sending it all to the trash bin, better sit in front of the PC and search for leftover recipes. Through this, you’ll be able to do magic and create new meals from last night’s food.

You can even bring it to the office and show it off to your co-workers. You’re not only getting free food for yourself, but you’re also teaching others how to do it.

Fill out that survey

Although not all restaurants have this offer, it’s best to ask about it. Filling out that survey often results in free meals. Pancakes are just pancakes, but if it’s given for free, it will taste way better than when you cooked it at home.

Some restaurants also offer better food than typical snacks; thus, it sure is worth it to pay attention to such surveys.

During payday

Most restaurants expect more customers during payday than the usual days. To thank their valued customers, they would usually give out coupons where you can get a free burger, free desserts or technically a free meal.

Spending a few dollars for that one day resulted in a free meal. Talk about eating without spending a dime. Some restaurants also give discounts to those who order a lot. That is why it’s wise to invite your co-workers whom you know can spend a lot.

Be a mystery shopper

Lastly, you can apply as a mystery shopper. This is a person who somewhat spies on what other companies are doing. Through this, you won’t only get free food but more items from other stores, as well. The better your mystery shopper portfolio is the more companies will hire you. And of course, more free meals and free items.

Living on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat less. There are tons of ways for you to have a delightful meal without spending much. Through these tips, you will surely be able to save a lot without going hungry.