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How to Eliminate Stress

How to Eliminate Stress PhotoPutting your body at stress is not something to be worried about. In fact, one needs stress to keep your body active and responsive. But too much stress is a different story that many has a problem dealing with.

Stress is anything that causes tension to your mind and body. Factors may include physical, mental and emotional stressors. These may be things you encounter everyday and soon may be a reason for you to acquire an illness.

Here are a few stress reduction techniques.

Assess your lifestyle

Identify the factors that make you stressed. Is it your current job? Or the people around you? It is important to be aware of the stressors that is causing you to lose balance.

If it is possible to write down everything, do it. Try to assess how many times in a week do you feel really stressed and on what days do you feel it the most. Awareness on these factors will give you an idea on how to eliminate them.

Slow it down

Maybe you are taking it too fast without realizing your body is about to give up. If you are multitasking work too much, give space for breaks for you to breathe for awhile. It’s good to multitask but if it’s too much, it isn’t healthy anymore.

Learn to say no at times. If you think you can’t accept a task anymore, then don’t take it. You are not a robot so take care of your body. Overfatigue may be one of the health concerns that you will face if your body can’t take the stress anymore.

Organization and time management

According to the American Psychological Association, about 51% of employees are less productive at work because of stress. The key to be more productive and less stressed is to use time management. Learn the use of planners and checklists.

Stress is minimized when there is no overlapping of tasks on a specific amount of time. Be organized by arranging your working table from clutter. Do work only as scheduled and leave at least an hour for breaks.

Use anti-stress techniques

When in the middle of work, try to relax. Sit straight on your chair, close your eyes and inhale and exhale deeply. For about five minutes, try to think of anything but a clear picture of the sky or a meadow. As you open your eyes, you will feel lighter and better.

Some find listening to music as an anti-stressor. Drinking a hot tea or your favorite frappe may also ease the tension. For some, eating and even shopping is a good way to relieve the stress. Try to replace stress through activities you enjoy doing.

Determine the two types of problems

There are two types of problem stressors: controllable and uncontrollable. Stress yourself out to controllable problems only and not both.

A controllable problem is something you can fix. An example of a controllable problem is losing a job. Yes, you may worry about it but you can always search out for a job. You have the control on how to solve the problem by applying to hiring companies.

Uncontrollable problems are the ones you shouldn’t care much because only the world can solve it for you. An example would be worrying about your test results whether you flunked it or not. No matter what you do, you can’t change your scores, so don’t take time pouring your worries on these.

Meditation and exercise

Keep yourself healthy. Hydration is very important to a stressed person. Eating lots of proteins, carbohydrates and an average amount of glucose is necessary for busy people. Always give yourself at least one day to meditate. Walk or jog early in the morning to sweat out all those chemical stressors that may give you early wrinkles.

Above all, the secret to a stress free day is to smile it out because there is no better way than to always be positive everyday. Don’t be overcomed by stress because life is not worth living for if you are not happy.

  • http://redfoxcandle.com/blog Tanya

    Working out helps me a lot. I am a stay at home mom but I also work part time from home as well, plus babysit my niece full time. I tend to get overwhelmed and stressed out a lot. Going to the gym to just have “me” time really tends to relax me and put me at ease.