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How to Encourage Recycling at Work

How to Encourage Recycling at Work Photo

With numerous environmental issues that people encounter, a lot of individuals are now becoming more aware of the environmental hazards brought about by waste. More people are now motivated to recycle stuff. This helps create a big difference in helping our planet sustain.

Here are some useful tips on how youcan effectively motivate everyone in the workplace to recycle various items:

Coordinate with the local sanitation department

Most often, your local sanitation can provide recycle bins. This will make recycling easier and less complicated for everyone. Coordinating with them will help you go on with the recycling process smoothly as they can also advise you of what you need to do.

Inform everyone in the workplace

By informing your coworkers and reminding them of the benefits of recycling, they will most likely practice reusing stuff. Also remind them about the harmful effects of disposing too much waste to the environment. Motivate them to thick first before dump items.

You can ask to hold a meeting to discuss your plans with your colleagues effectively.

Keep a record of the progress

Encourage your coworkers to take note of the quantity of the items recycled. Suggest that they weigh the volume of trash sent for recycling. Regularly post reports on bulletin boards to update everyone and motivate them further.

Make recycling more fun

You can organize a recycling contest in your workplace. Provide rewards and incentives for the most active department. This will prompt everyone especially those who are not so much interested to participate and do what they can contribute.

Offer incentives for departments with lesser trash and more quantity of recycled stuffs. Rewards and incentives can be a free pass for amusement parks or a free movie ticket.

Provide appropriate waste receptacles

Your coworkers will surely participate in recycling if you make the task less complicated. Make sure that waste cans are abundant and clearly labeled. Place them in accessible and appropriate locations such as the cafeteria and mail rooms.

You can also have a shredder setup in the mail room so your colleagues can easily shred used paper and utilize it for packing.

Encourage the management to get involved

You can motivate the management to utilize only eco-friendly supplies for the office. LED light bulbs are more economical and help conserve a lot of energy as compared to incandescent lightings. Recycled papers can also be utilized in the office. With recycled products widely used around the workplace, everyone will be more encouraged.

Encourage eCycling

Electronic waste in the office contributes to tons of e-wastes that are being collected yearly. eCycling waste includes computers-laptops and desktops, mobile phones and monitors. Recycling these items greatly reduces environmental hazards and help conserve resources which includes precious metals used in manufacturing electronic products.

Promote rechargeable batteries

This will effectively help in reducing toxic waste and help save a lot on expenses for office supplies.

Recycling at work can be fun and fulfilling if everyone works actively in it to achieve real outcomes.