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How to Evaluate Your Effectiveness as a Supervisor

How to Evaluate Your Effectiveness as a Supervisor PhotoSupervisors are indeed vital in every team. Without them, the strength of the team will be useless because there’s no guidance and support.

Nevertheless, being a supervisor doesn’t mean that your sole responsibility is to guide the entire team. That’s quite an easy job for such a likable promotion. You should also learn how to build and mold a productive team rather than simply telling what to do and when to do it.

Furthermore, you should also learn how to determine if you’re an effective supervisor indeed or not. Read along and discover more about it.

Hear from your team

The initial step towards evaluating yourself is to hear from the right people. This refers to your entire team. Let them speak and be sure you listen to them carefully. You can also do this by conducting a survey.

Knowing what they can say about you and your supervision is quite essential to determine your effectiveness. Their comments and thoughts will also serve as your guide towards becoming a better supervisor and team member.

Develop an effective self-evaluation test

Now that, your teammates are done, the next person to ask would be yourself. Answer a self-evaluation test honestly and tally your score afterwards. You can either ask your teammates to formulate one of you can search a pre-made self-evaluation test online. Either way, the only thing you should remember is to answer it honestly.

Check on your communication skills

Do you know how to make concise instructions? Are you sure your teammates understand you each time you explain something? Can they reach you anytime they need further assistance? Knowing the answers to such queries is highly valuable when evaluating your effectiveness as a supervisor.

Communication is quite essential for a team to succeed and your voice should be clearer to ensure that nothing is misunderstood.

Assess your approachability

The approachability of a supervisor should also receive extra attention. This is one of the most salient factors for you to be considered as an effective one. Aside from relying on the answers of your teammates on the evaluation survey, you asked for, you can highlight this aspect by asking constantly about your approachability. The more often sprout a question about it, the more they’ll get used to it.

Be extra open-minded

Last step towards a successful evaluation is to be extra open-minded. All the thoughts you obtained from the tests and surveys will be useless if you won’t open yourself and your mind to it. Regardless of what comments you receive, being open-minded will allow you to accept it fully.

A team will not be successful without an effective supervisor and knowing the right way to do so will not only benefit you but also your entire team. By being open to all their thoughts, you will surely come a long way. Keep in mind that this guideline will remain as is until you stand up and take action. Your responsibility does not only evolve on your team but also on you.