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How to Evict Squatters

How to Evict Squatters Photo


If you own a piece of land and you don’t live on it (or at least near it), then most probably you will find squatters building their own shacks and shanties without your permission. It’s quite difficult to out these squatters, especially if they’ve been living there for years. If you’re currently experiencing this dilemma, do not try to go to the area and scream at the squatters like your shooing a flock of birds. This will only cause greater danger than you could ever imagine.

Many property owners out there are also wondering how they can deal with this quarter’s issue. To help you out, here are a couple of tips on how you can make these people leave peacefully.

Squatter or trespasser?

If you own an abandoned building and people suddenly started living in it without paying a rent or asking your permission, there are two options you can consider: either these people are trespassers or squatters. Trespassers are those who broke the doors and windows of your property. Squatters on the other hand are those who lived in your property without forcing the entry way. Knowing their situation should be your initial step because the next actions to follow lie on this information.

Discuss with the authorities

The next step is to report your case in the local police department. Bring as many gathered information as possible. These pertinent documents can help the police deal with the case easier. They’re also responsible for guiding you towards the legal talk when it comes to squatters. If proven that the residents are breaking the rules and regulations, they can be arrested by the police.

Call a lawyer

On the contrary, if the police were not able to fix your problem, you can contact a property lawyer who has wide knowledge and expertise about this case. He or she can help you towards gaining back control and ownership over your property. It’s possible for these squatters to cloud the ownership, thus you should be able to show proof of ownership to your property lawyer. Any supporting documents such as deed or title will also be of great help.

Contact a professional eviction company

When proven that you’re the legal owner of the property and the squatters still haven’t left, it’s now time to hire a professional eviction company. There are many trained people who are expert in handling this kind of situation. And with these people, there’s a higher chance to avoid riots and the like.

Back to the lawyer

The last step is to make further discussion with your lawyer. In most States and countries, you will be asked to fill out and sign a repossession claim. This will be a proof that you were able to obtain the possession of your property. You will also be asked to show pertinent documents, such as the title and deed, to ensure that you really are the owner. In which, it will lead any squatter who’ll attempt to return to be evicted easily by the authorities.