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How to Exercise Your Brain

How to Exercise Your Brain PhotoAccording to Mosby 2005, the brain weighs approximately only 2% of the total body weight. How could a body part as light and as small as that be as important as it is. The brain controls almost all your systems and keeps your body function the way it is.

A person’s intelligence does not depend on genetics alone and luck. Sometimes it also depends on how one’s mind is developed in the formative years. And even if one goes through adulthood, the brain does not stop from working nor developing to further operate to its full potential.

So how do you exercise your brain? Is reading enough as what others have said? Apparently, there are some other things you need to do to make your brain work a little harder. Here’s how.


Reading is essential to keep your mind healthy. Based on reports, a part of the brain that involves vision, speech and associative learning are all connected to a specific neural circuit for reading, according to Ken Pugh,PhD of Haskins Laboratories.

Reading newspapers or books since you were young would greatly help you have good memory and even good decision making skills. As one develops this part of your brain, you are also more likely to increase your capacity to think fast even when under pressure. This lessens your chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease as you get older.


Your brain needs to have a calm state also. Do not overuse your brain because it may also give degenerative results. Exercise meditations like yoga and tai chi are good ways to improve oxygen circulation in your brain.

Having peace of mind will also give you more sound decision making, as well as improve your imagination. Get enough sleep. Sleep early and wake up early. Doing this widens your creativity, too.


Let your mind run through a race sometimes. By this, it means that you need to give complex activities to your brain like solving math problems, crossword puzzles and even analytical problems.

There are a lot of brain twisters online that you can try, to assess yourself too. Additionally, you can buy mind games like boggle, chess and monopoly at your local bookstores. They are good for you especially when you have nothing else to do at home.


Do all the steps all over again everyday, if you can. These are the most common activities you can do to maintain your brain’s full capacity. Never miss out a day without putting your brain to good use. It may be tiring at times, but you will be the one to gain on the benefits it will give you.

It is amazing how your brain can work so incredibly. It is a vital organ that holds at least half of your life literally, so take care of it the best possible way you can. You have only one brain so do not waste it. Use it to its optimum potential.