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How to Facilitate a Meeting

How to Facilitate a Meeting PhotoFacilitating a meeting is an important thing to do for both small and large associations. To achieve the goal of producing excellent results after a meeting has been held, it is very necessary for all people involved to learn on how to facilitate.

As a facilitator you are responsible to have everything on the right place. So that you can effectively fulfill this role, here are the following steps that you must know.

Build an agenda

The first thing you need to do for the sake of all things being organized is planning or what we can call, creating an agenda. On this part, here is where you are going to make a list of meeting activities or topics that are to be discussed or taken up from the beginning of your meeting until adjournment. Alongside those details, you must include the start and end times for each topic or meeting activity.

Make sure that everything is complete and that every issue to be discussed has been listed so that you won’t miss out on anything.

Setting up the meeting

Prepare all the things that you will need to use for the upcoming meeting. Here is where you will have to send invitations to meetings, find a meeting space, and prepare the handouts and visual aids.

The easiest way to send an invitation is thru email. You can send invites and post it on the recipient’s calendar to remind them of your meeting. For a nice meeting place especially if the list of attendees includes a big boss or client, make a reservation for the boardroom.

In the meeting

Like hosting a game or any event, make announcements at the very start of the meeting about information on break schedules and other instructions that you would need attendees to keep in mind throughout the meeting.

In facilitating a meeting, schedule is very important and you don’t have all the time for you to discuss things that are not work related. Keep the meeting on topic and keep in mind as well that it is also your job to also keep attendees on topic. Another important thing is that you must stick with the appointed break schedules.

Wrapping it up

Give everyone a chance to ask you some questions and answer them as much as you can. If there are things that you can’t answer or you need to clarify, put those questions in a parking lot and inform attendees that you will send them an update regarding these parked questions.

Conclude the meeting by stating the issues that were closed and those that were left open. Thank the people for attending and stay for a while until all attendees have left the venue for anyone who wants to ask questions that they don’t want to address to the group.

Aside from knowing the above points and steps on facilitating a meeting, another important key to have a successful conference is by keeping yourself composed throughout the day. Keep your confidence up and facilitate more meetings to further improve your career.