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How to Feed a Family on a Budget

How to Feed a Family on a Budget Photo


Dealing with a small monthly salary could be the most difficult thing to do. It may be less challenging if you don’t have a family to support, but this can’t be the case all the time. Many families out there are struggling each day on food alone. Nevertheless, it’s not yet the end of the world and we can still do something to deal with this dilemma. To help you guys, here are a couple of tips on how to feed your family despite a small budget.

Plan a monthly

It may be weird at first but making a calendar of meals will help you save and budget your cash. This way, you’ll be spared from purchasing food ingredients that will soon rot in the fridge. Also, you should stay away from sodas and junk foods which are far more expensive than healthy biscuits and water alone.

Be clever

Instead of throwing the leftovers from last night’s meal, you might want to consider putting it in a Tupperware and reheating it for the next day. You can also be more creative and formulate your own meal out of the leftovers you had. With this, you’ll be able to skip cooking a whole new meal.

Teach your family to be a semi-vegetarian

We all know that veggies are relatively cheaper than any kind of meat. But another fact is that most kids hate eating veggies. If you’re really on a tight budget and you need to cut down your grocery list, try scratching out the meat or just purchase half of the usual amount, add in more veggies in the list and avoid cooking buffets. Your kids may skip a meal or two but since they’re left with no choice, soon they will eat those veggies as well.

Shop with coupons

One coupon may not let you save anything, but shopping with a bundle of it will surely lessen your bill. Supermarkets are rich in coupons, thus before heading to the cashier and presenting your opinions you might want to find new ones to put in your coupon box. This will enable you to save a couple of dollars and will surely help you stretch your budget.

Have a garden

If you decide to take your family into a whole new course in life which is being a vegetarian, it would be a good idea if you can grow your own greens. Make a small garden in your backyard and grow different kinds of fruits and veggies. When winter comes, make an indoor garden and transfer your vegetables there. Aside from cooking it, you can also sell your vegetables for extra income.

If you’re used to living a good life but everything suddenly got crashed, it would be very challenging to make instant massive changes especially when it comes to money. It can also be challenging on how you will explain everything to your kids. Nevertheless, keep in mind that life doesn’t stop there and there’s no barricade either. If you are really desperate to move forward and climb higher, then you’ll surely find means and ways. Anything that is new can be difficult but once you discover effective methods of dealing with it, you’ll be able to live a simpler yet happier life.