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How to Finance Land

How to Finance Land PhotoIt’s a good idea to know how to finance land. This will be useful in the event you want to buy land in the future. Also, if you plan to sell land, this knowledge will be helpful. Large parcels of land usually require financing because of the high amount involved.

Get the details of the land

You want to make sure that the land is clearly identified. A survey may be required in order to make sure this is accurate. You want to avoid identifying the wrong parcel of land. This can happen because the land doesn’t have structures on it.

You’ll want to check if theland has any easements or encumbrances on it. Has it been used as collateral for a loan, for example? You’ll want to know about such restrictions or limitations. Also check if the land has access to roads and services.

Apply for financing

You can approach your usual bank for financing. You can also shop around a bit and compare what other banks have to offer. You’ll need to compare the important parts of the package. For example, you’ll want to see what kinds of payment periods they can offer.

Interest rates are also important. Are these fixed or floating? You’ll also want to check if balloon payments are required. You also need to compare secured loan options versus unsecured ones.

Have your information ready

Make sure that the information you gathered on the land is available. The bank will want to get details regarding the property. It will want to know zoning in the area, for example. It will also want to know if improvements have been done to the land.

This is important because it will affect the terms of the loan package. If a piece of land is close to a city center, it might make the terms more agreeable. If the land has good access to utilities, this could also help. The size of the land will also affect the loan details.

Get legal assistance

You will want to hire the services of a lawyer to handle the close of the transaction. This will help ensure that all the necessary details are ironed out. The contract between the seller and buyer will be finalized. You have to make sure that it accurately captures your agreement.

There will be other legal documents and agreements to complete to finish the deal. There will also be the loan agreement between the buyer and the bank. Having a lawyer around is an added expense. But it helps to ensure a smoother and more worry-free transaction.

Learning how to finance land may seem complicated at first. But it does get easier with practice. Keep these tips in mind and be sure to do your research,