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How to Find a Real Estate Attorney

How to Find a Real Estate Attorney PhotoRegardless of the complexity of your real estate case, finding an attorney can truly help a lot. Because of the long list of legal stuffs you should take note when having real estate transactions, it’s unquestionably worth it to hire a good lawyer.

With that being said, here’s a brief guide on how to find a good real estate lawyer. Read along.

Check all the possible sources

When looking for a lawyer, there are lots of places you can check. You can skim the Yellow Pages, ask your friends and colleagues, or you can search online. You can also check the newspaper to find updated information.

Be sure to look for a real estate lawyer and not a general lawyer to ensure that he can deal with your real estate transactions.

Tackle the complexity of your case

Once you have found the potential lawyers, the next step is to tackle with them the complexity of your case. These lawyers may be real estate attorneys, but that doesn’t mean all of them can handle your case.

Ensure that the lawyer you’ll hire has enough experience, has dealt with cases closely similar as you’re and has a license to work in your State.

The payment and rates that the attorney will ask also depends on the complexity of the case. With that being said, you should also ensure that the pricing is clear and that you can afford it.

Consider those that work for small firms

Most people don’t actually consider hiring a lawyer from small firms. This is because of the wrong perception that small firms are all scams, or that lawyers from these firms don’t have enough knowledge.

On the contrary, there are many attorneys working in small firms but have incredible portfolios. These lawyers also tend to have lower rates compared to those working for leading companies.

Someone who has experience in investing

Although this is not necessary, it would be helpful to hire someone who actually has experience in investing. This way, you’ll know that both of you are on the same page.

As an addition to this, he should also have past clients that are real estate investors, as well. This is to ensure that he can perfectly understand where you’re coming from.

Conduct an interview

Finally, you will have to conduct a short interview with all the potential lawyers you have listed. This may sound silly, but it’s one effective way to get to know the lawyer more. It’s also to ensure that there are no hidden scams or hidden charges.

This interview will give you an idea on how it feels working with that lawyer. You can also have a clearer view on his attitude and perception about your case.

Finding a lawyer may seem easy but once you start hunting, you’ll realize there’s more you need to consider than what you actually thought. There should be a concise step-by-step guide so that you’ll have a self assurance that your lawyer is only the best of the best.