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How to Find an Internship

How to Find an Internship PhotoGetting an internship might be easy, but getting an internship in a top company can be quite a struggle, and only the cram of the crop will be able to get to that particular level. That is, however, unless you do something that can make you more desirable for the position, even though you do not have great scholastic records or do not come from an Ivy League school.

Update your resume

It is important to have a comprehensive and very detailed resume. Include all of your pertinent details such as certifications earned, seminars attended, or trainings completed. You can also include extracurricular activities or organizations that you have participated in. Having a well rounded resume will let companies know that you are an individual that can tackle multiple responsibilities in different areas, which is always a desirable trait when it comes to hiring interns.

Improve your social profile

As social media has greatly been popularized in the past few years, then you can alsouse it to your advantage. Clean up your Facebook profile and remove last summer’s bikini photos from your profile, and it is also recommended that you create a LinkedIn profile and connect with professional people. The more formal and professional you appear in your online life, the higher the chances of you being considered for the position that you want.

If your profile is good enough, you would not even have to apply for jobs as they would be the ones who would be seeking you for an interview.

Get a recommendation

A glowing recommendation from a faculty or dean from your college is a great way to let companies know that you are someone that is to be trusted. Thus, it is good to have good relations with people from school, as this will aid you when you try to find an internship once you graduate through a very good word from reputable people.

Some institutions even have internship programs that will help you find jobs once you graduate, so maintaining good relations with the right people is very integral as they would be the ones who could help you find the right company based on your skills, preferences, and personality.

Be informed and confident

Interviews are often what makes or break an application for internship. With this, it is recommended that you research about the company that you want to get into, and that you practice good interview skills. Dress up well, and be confident when facing your potential boss. Give a firm handshake, smile, and try to market yourself as a professional and competent individual that can be a perfect fit in their organization.

Being an intern in a successful company often provides you with a stepping stone for a very successful career. Thus, it is very important that you follow the above tips in order to get the internship you want, in the company of your dreams.