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How to Find the History of a House

How to Find the History of a House PhotoEver wonder what your house was before you lived there? You can actually see in movies how home owners discover different things about the people who lived in their house before. Some might be very creepy while others tend to be very funny. Most of the time, in reality, people leave their home for a reason. No one likes to change homes every time. In order for you to find out why the former tenants of your home left, you can do some background research about the history of your home. Here’s how to do it:

Ask neighbors

The best way to know the history of the house you are currently living is to directly ask the neighbors. Talk to them and ask them what happened to the old owners. You can invite them for dinner or simply have coffee or tea together and chat about it. Your neighbors will surely understand why you need to ask. If they tell you or even ask you “you don’t know?”, that should be the signal for you to pack your bags and move out. Neighbors tend to exaggerate things but they are usually right when it comes to their neighbor’s stories.

Ask the police

You can always ask the local police station if your house has a record with them. The police will tell you if someone has lived there with past criminal records or not. If so, then you should try to secure your place as criminals tend to return to their usual hiding place. If not, then better. You can also ask the police for a history check on the entire history of the house you are living.

Look around

Right before you purchase your new home, try to look around. You can always tell the history of the house you are supposed to live in by the way things are set up. Look around the house, check the attic, check the basement, and investigate those little pictures that are still around. Ask the agent who owned the pictures to know why they left it there. Is it because they left hurriedly or they decided that it was not useful to them anymore. This is the best time to be curious and inquisitive.

Ask for professional help

There are government agencies that you can tap to help you. You can go to the local courthouse to check the entire history of the house you are about to purchase. The documents will always pinpoint the reason why the previous owners left the place.

There are times when what you see in movies about new homeowners making the mistake of living in a house formerly owned by some criminals and end up becoming the victim is true. You should not make the same mistake. Some might call it paranoia but for you, it means safety.