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How to Find Things You Lost

How to Find Things You LostGetting late for work or missing a flight can truly be annoying. This often occurs when you lose something essential, such as your car key or passport. The initial reaction of most people is to panic. If you can relate to that, then you’re on the right article. Whether you’re old or not, losing something is a part of our everyday life. To alleviate the annoyance, here are some useful tips you can apply to find the items you lost in a faster time frame:

Breathe and focus

Instead of running round the room and increasing your panic level, psychologists suggest that you sit for a few seconds, gather yourself and breath deeply. This way, you will be more focused and mindful of what’s happening. Experts say that the difficulty of finding items that we lost is often caused by panic. Blank your mind and don’t think of other consequences such as getting late for work. This will allow you to perform better and find things faster.

Start with yourself

Before you search around the room, start searching for yourself first. Perhaps the car keys are just in your pocket or that your eyeglasses are just on top of your head. Next is to check in your bag. Maybe you just forgot that you already placed everything in your office bag.

Searching around the room and the entire house can eat up a lot of time and knowing that what you’re looking for is just in your pocket can truly be irritating.

Trace back

The next step is to trace back the time. Think of what you did when the item was still in your hands. This is the perfect time when you should go around the house. Think of what you did first thing after you woke up, and go to the places that you visited. Perhaps you went to the kitchen, to your son’s room or to the front yard.

You should also trace the people whom you talked to. Maybe you lent the item to your colleague or you asked him to keep it for you.

Search slowly but carefully

Regardless of the time pressure, it is a must, to look slowly instead of cramming around the house. Psychologists claim that cramming and agitation can do nothing when looking for lost items. That is why it is highly advisable to search for lost items slowly. This is way more effective than focusing on the fact that you’re already late from work.

You should also hunt for the item carefully. Instead of checking one room after the other and checking those rooms again, it’s best to check each place painstakingly.

Check the trash

Although it’s a bit unlikable to search on garbage bins, still it’s truly worth it. You never know, perhaps you threw away a couple of papers, and you accidentally included your passport. Or you threw your car keys in your bag but instead it slipped down the trash bin.

To search for lost items, especially under time pressure, can truly cause people to panic. Because of that, psychologists stress out that memory slips, and mindlessness are typical instances that happen every day, and the only answer to beat it is to stay focused and calm.