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How to Find Volunteers for a Charity

How to Find Volunteers for a Charity PhotoIn a sudden stroke of inspiration, you visualize a brilliant idea for a charity event. You start planning immediately. But you realize that you’re all alone. So how do you get people to help you?

Here are 6 tips on how to find volunteers for a charity:

Research and Plan it well

Since this is your idea, you have to arm yourself with the right amount of information. Research about the charity you wish to help. Look into it and plan the pre-event, the event itself, and the post-event activities that will happen. Plan everything down to the last detail.

Have everything in black and white as your volunteers will surely ask a lot of questions about your plans, and you need to be backed up and be able to answer all those. If you have no idea where to start, read this from Punchbowl.

Call a Friend

You don’t need to look far for your volunteers. This part should not be hard; pull out your contacts and start calling. Share your plans and visions to your friends. And since they are your friends, you need not be a good public speaker to convince them. Who knows, you might be sharing the same sentiments all along.

If they don’t have the time, I’m sure it would not be too much to ask for help in spreading the word. The word of mouth is still the most effective way of advertising; words spread easily.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like have millions of users. With that much people on the cyberspace, someone is bound to be interested in your event. Create catchy slogans and flashy ads, create online sign-up sheets and put up meaningful, promotional videos. Remember to place your contact details in every post so they would know where to reach you.

Use social media wisely to advertise your event. Ask your friends to like and share. Information spreads quickly in social networks especially now, since everyone is most likely online most of the time. You’ll have your volunteers in no time.

Promotional gifts

Never underestimate the power of promotional gifts. Everyone loves anything that is FREE that they would do just about anything to get them. If you can afford it, give out little freebies to everyone who will sign up. If your lack funds, you can always partner with a socio-civic organization. Or look around for businesses and companies to sponsor your event. Most likely you’ll find that it’s easy to find a company to sponsor your event.

Be Visible at Local Events

The best chances of finding your volunteers are during local events in your area such as country fairs, competitions, etc. As long as you have a lot of people gathered in one place, getting a volunteer would be far from impossible. Print out flyers and brochures. Flash them a smile as you hand it to them.

While you’re at it, you may want to brush up a little on your sales talk. Don’t forget to bring your pleasing personality with you! Check out Rink Works on how to become more persuasive.

Old School Ads

Talk to local radio stations and have them advertise your event there. Create a booth and place a sign-up sheet, have brochures ready to be given out. Old school advertising never goes out of style!

Finding volunteers would not be as easy as you hope it would be, but patience and determination are the keys to success! They might not have the same pipe dream as you do for the charity, but it’s up to you to motivate them and open their eyes. Remember, they’re already there with you, you just have to infect them with your passion.