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How to Flip Your Karma

How to Flip Your Karma PhotoAre you having a terrible day? Is there not a single thing that goes your way? That can be considered as fate, your destiny for that day or in better terms, karma. This is somewhat like a gremlin attack you without any signs and you feel like you don’t have a choice but to deal with all the bad luck.

For some people, staying at home and letting the day pass is the perfect solution to this. But wouldn’t it be better if you can show that gremlin how it fails in ruining your day?

Read along and flip your karma.

Think positively

The best and perfect initial step is to think positively. This way, you will refrain from thinking about the hurtful things that has happened. Be prepared because these thoughts and negative instances will try to chase you.

Nevertheless, they will not be able to catch you as long as you stay focused on thinking how beautiful life is.

Be open-minded

The next step is to learn how to accept certain things. Accept the fact that every day is not your day. This way, you will be more open to the possibilities that awful stuffs can happen anytime. You should also be more considerate of yourself than ever.

If you exerted so much effort to succeed at something but still you didn’t just focus on the “at least I gave it a shot, at least I did my best” rather than on other wrong thoughts.

Take time and relax

Afterwards, you should go and give your mind and body the relaxation it needs. Having a terrible day means being too stressed out. This stress can cause tiredness on both body and brain. In order to perform better in the next days, you should allow yourself to relax.

Instead of feeding yourself with how your day was, try to visit a spa or salon and get yourself pampered, after all you deserve it.

Practice and keep aiming high

Failing at something is one sign that you’re having a bad day. Instead of thinking how awful you are, focus on practicing. Keep your patience level high and practice like you’ve never practiced before. It may sound silly but reality-based; this is an effective tip towards flipping your karma. You must embrace the fact that you’re not perfect and that second chances will always be there.

You should also keep your spirits up by aiming higher. This will surely annoy that gremlin and will make him hide behind your shadow.

Consider it all as lessons in life

The last tip to bind it all up, consider everything that happened as lessons in life. It would be easier to tell yourself “oh well, lesson learned” instead of “I’m so dumb!” Being too hard on yourself will just result to another bad day.

Learn how to balance your life lessons and in no time, you can flip karma as if you’re just flipping a page.

Dealing with karma, fate, the destiny of the day or whatever you may call it can be frustrating to most people. Nevertheless, you should still stand firm and let nothing get on your way towards success.