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How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

How to Follow Up After a Job Interview Photo

It’s good to know how to follow up after a job interview. After all, the interview isn’t the end of the process. If you want to increase your chances, you need to do more. You also need to strike a fine balance.

Lay the groundwork

Ideally, you should already lay the groundwork for the follow up. For example, at the end of the job interview, already mention that you will follow up. Also, try to confirm the best way to follow up. You can find out how much time should pass before you call.

You can also find out the best means of follow up. Would a call be good or is it something they would frown upon? Would email be more convenient for them? Also, find out who exactly to contact to follow up.

Introduce yourself

Don’t assume that the other person will know who you are. Don’t think that it’s easy for them to find your record. Do introduce yourself and give a brief background if necessary. Mention that you were recently interviewed and that you’re applying for a position.

This will also give you an opportunity to make a good impression. After all, the other person could become a future colleague. Put your best foot forward. Even if this is a small point of contact, try to impress.

Find out the state of your application

One of the main reasons to follow up is to find out how things are. Is your application still an active one? Or has it already been archived? Are you still in the running?

You will want to know if someone in particular is making a decision. This might be someone you could follow up with later on. If you develop rapport with the other person, you could ask for more information. For example, you could ask if there are still many candidates for the slot.

Find out the next step

Moving forward, you’ll need to know what the next step is. With this knowledge, you can prepare in case other requirements are needed. Find out if there will be additional exams. Check if other interviews will take place.

You can also try to get a general idea of a timetable. This will help you plan for the coming days and weeks. Also, it can help if you know who the next interviewer will be. You can do some background research online on the person.

The follow up to the interview is an important step. Don’t neglect it. Keep this advice in mind, and follow up with grace. It could help your application.