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How to Gain Work Experience

How to Gain Work Experience PhotoA work experience is a stepping stone or the biggest weapon that you can use for your career, so gaining a lot of it is necessary for your success. It may be difficult if you are just starting, so here are the steps to assist you on obtaining enough work experience:

Determine the kind of work experience

The very first thing that you need to do is deciding what kind of work experience you want to have. Consider your course, skills and interests. Come up with a list of industries that you want to explore and check which companies are classified on those areas. You may end up having up to 3 preferences and you’ll decide on which of those would you pick when you are about to cross the bridge.

Get it from the school programs

Schools sometimes require students to undergo an on-the-job training in different companies based on the courses or degree that they have taken. The time that you should spend training depends on your school and degree which ranges from 150-300 hours.

Volunteer for your community

Figure out if your community needs the kind of service that you can offer or you want to have experience at. It could be teaching, child care, IT instructor and a lot more. After you’ve done your services make sure that you’ll ask for a certification regarding your contribution.

Try online jobs

If you want to get experiences about administration tasks, accounting, writing or IT based jobs, try searching for paid work online. Here, you can earn a lot of money and learn more things that you did not encounter in school.


Talk to different people who you think have a big chance on growing careers. Share your contact numbers, calling cards and social networking sites. You can also join a professional group who can help you out to search for work experience or even real jobs.

Look for internship

Internship is one great way to gain work experience.  It will also prepare you to a paid employment transition. Aside from this kind of luck that you might get, internship will give you an intense training on your field of work. This is what you totally need to include in your profile to have a killer resume.

There are a lot of steps that you can take to gain plenty of quality work experience. Remember that at these times, it is very hard to get to change or get a career direction if you don’t have enough practice on that field. So go and get one now!