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How to Get Control of your Time and your Life

How to Get Control of your Time and your Life PhotoAttending to so many things and responsibilities in life but lacking enough time to do everything can lead people to get stressed and feel harassed. If you feel that time is passing you by and you are left behind wondering where all the time went at the end of the day, then you might feel that you have lost control of your life. Do you feel the need to make time stop so that you can do all what you want to do without time passing you by so fast? If you feel this way then you might want to get control of your time and your life again. Of course you can’t control time per se but you can control how you deal with your time and your life. Here are some tips in getting back the control over your time and life.

Do nothing

Yes, if you feel that time is slipping away from your hands without you accomplishing anything worthwhile, sit back, relax and do nothing. Sometimes, you have to step back and just do nothing to be able to take stock of what is happening in your life, around you. Have you been constantly deluged with doing things that do not really add up to your goals in life? Re-assess what you have been doing with your time and with your life. Determine what is really important to you and what comes first before others. Only after ascertaining these crucial factors will you be able to decide what direction you want your life to go and adopt plans to ensure that you will sail towards such course.

Make a plan of attack

All successful endeavors are attained because of careful planning. No matter how busy you are, how many things you need to accomplish, if you plan your activities ahead and make time for everything on your list, you will be able to control your time. Make a daily to do list and stick to it without skipping the hard tasks. Planning allows you to control your time and your life since you will only allow activities that matters to you.

Learn to prioritize

Prioritize things when you make your list. If you are confused as to what you should prioritize, ask yourself what is the worst thing to happen if you fail to accomplish the task. If there aren’t any, then don’t include the activity in your list. Don’t overwhelm yourself with doing everything for it can lead you to stress out. Engage in activities that helps you move forward with your life and that are crucial to your existence. Do away with non-productive activities that only serve to slow you down yet yields no real value to the goals you have set for yourself.

Early to bed and early to rise

You need to admit this; a tired mind and body has lesser energy to think clearly and take control of his time than someone who has sufficient rest the night before. As human as you are, you need to rest amidst your myriad endeavors in life. Failing to attend to this human need will only lead you to lose control of your time and even your life.

Value your time

There will always be various distractions that will detract you from your original schedule. If you know the value of your time, you should minimize or eradicate these distractions in your life. Television, online social networking, unnecessary chitchat, a talkative co-worker or neighbor, party-lover friends and the like will always be there to distract you from making use of your time well. Learn to say no to these distractions and only engage in activities that propels you to your established goal.

When you utilize your time wisely in accordance to the plan you have drawn, you won’t have to fret about time slipping away from your grasp. When you are in control of the activities you want to engage in a particular duration of time, you feel more confident and relax. When you are not up and running about, catching your breath, trying to do everything you will feel composed and stress-free. When you are in control of your time and life you will be able to deal better with life and its challenges.