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How to Get Free Samples from Companies

How to Get Free Samples from CompaniesIf there’s one thing we just can’t get enough of that would be the freebies and free samples.

Most companies are fond of giving out these freebies because it’s an effective way to gain more customers than ever. If kids can get free stuffs from flocking under a broken Piñata, how can grownups get freebies from companies?

Here’s how, read along.

Check the papers

The first and the most effective way to get free samples are to check newspapers, magazines, as well as, mail extras. Most Sunday extras contain lots of coupons and some may give you free access to some items.

There are also discount coupons that give additional freebie once it is redeemed.

Companies that are fond of advertising on magazines oftentimes include freebies. These can usually be obtained via call in or mail-in requests. Mail inserts are also worth checking.

Visit the website

If you want to get freebies from a certain company, but there is no present chance, you go ahead and check their website. Sometimes, these gems are hidden, and you have to play treasure hunt before you can get it.

You can also ask the customer service department for this. Some companies may offer freebies along with their new products.

Do not disregard the newsletter

We may not consider the newsletter tab on company sites, or the email posted along magazine ads, but if you want to get free samples this is one right way to do so. If visiting the website didn’t work, you can skip that step and hold onto this one.

Signing on newsletters means receiving news from the company. You never know, perhaps these news include freebies.

Join contests

Sometimes, there are company initiated contests done online. These contests may not only give you the corresponding price but also additional free samples.

There are many websites such as DealTaker and SlickDeals that provide updates about freebies and contests. You can also check various forums for contest updates.

Be sure you’re on the right track

The last step towards getting free samples is to ensure that you’re on the right track. There are lots of free sample scams out there and to fall for these might result to additional junk mail. Before you sign up and submit any “free sample form”, you should first make a brief scrutiny.

“What company sent that form?” “Is this company really offering free samples at the moment?”

Knowing these factors will spare you from having false hopes and from dealing with overstuffed mailbox.

Giving away free stuff can truly benefit companies, but more of that, it can also benefit the people – the receivers. Who hates free DVDs, books, T-shirts and board games anyway? Not to mention the free food samples that are often available in the supermarkets. These stuffs can also help in terms of saving up. Not all companies give free pens and notepads, many also give free items that can actually be useful. With these items at hand, it’s possible to shorten that shopping list.