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How to Get Free Stuff from Companies

How to Get Free Stuff from Companies Photo


Everybody wants free stuff! Especially now that prices are soaring to levels beyond what can be considered as affordable. Coupons and other discount vouchers are ever-growing in popularity since they help a lot in saving money. But do you know that you can also get free stuff from manufacturers?

Many companies give away free stuff for various purposes. Some give discount coupons and some give their actual products depending on the situation. Here are ways on how to get your hands on those freebies.

Free samples

Companies usually give away stuff as samples of their products for promotional purposes. They do this more often if they have a new product they want to introduce in the market.

Ask companies if they have free samples of a certain product. Visit their website or ask them through phone or email about possible freebies.

Wait for new products that will enter the market. Companies give out more of these products as part of their promotional strategies.

Provide feedback

Companies want to receive feedback from their customers. They use this as basis if they will still continue the production of a commodity or if it needs improvement.

A popular story among netizens is the experiment of Tom Locke. It’s about how he asked several companies for freebies by mailing them his feedback of their products.

Participate in their surveys, email them regarding how you liked or disliked a product by including a constructive criticism with it or post in their message boards. More likely, they will give you something in return for providing them useful information.

Complain about their product

If you find a foreign object in a can of beans, contact the company immediately and file a complaint. Their representative will be happy to respond and might even be thankful for reporting defects and products of inferior quality.

Be sure to take pictures as evidence of the situation together with the proof of purchase. Ask them nicely if they can replace the damaged goods.

Do not try to intentionally tamper a product just to get it replaced. It could mean more trouble for you if they find out about it.

Rewards programs

Join rewards or loyalty programs offered by companies. If you regularly purchase their products, they can give you more freebies.

Ask a company about these programs by contacting the company directly, through phone or email.

Endorse them

Know if a company can provide you with some of their products and in return, you’ll promote them in a video, in your blog or website, or in an event. This is plausible if you have quite a reputation in the internet or in real life. Don’t lose hope though if you’re not that popular. They might still provide you with some of their products as long as you endorse them in any way you can.

Review their products

If you maintain a blog or write in a published print, you can try and review various products. You should have enough credibility though and a solid proof that you know what you’re doing.

If you’re a popular technology enthusiast who’s been doing gadget reviews for years, you might receive freebies from tech companies. Companies might even give you a sample of their new digital camera in return of a very detailed review.

It’s your birthday

It’s your day so you should feel like you’re the king of the world. A number of companies provide freebies to customers celebrating their birthdays. Sign up to some of their programs or in their website and provide information about your birthday.