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How to Get Free Stuff Online

How to Get Free Stuff Online Photo“The best things in life are for free.” Rings a bell, doesn’t it? But this time, I literally mean it. There are a bunch of free stuff on the web just waiting for you to grab. Yup, free stuff is definitely real and not just a figment of your imagination. To start getting free stuff, you just have to open your mind and look around. Smell the free roses and just read on.

1. Have Love For Free Stuff

Loving free stuff is the first step. Sure enough, you won’t make any effort if you don’t have the desire. Don’t be embarrassed if people call you cheap. Just shrug your shoulder and say you’re just being practical.

2. Blog

Make a blog and start writing about topics that you like. Try to get people to take interest on your blog and try to generate traffic. If you get enough traffic, companies may take interest on your blog. They may even start sending you their products that are related to your blog.

3. Be A Guinea Pig

Many schools or cosmetology companies require their personnel to practice with people. You can search the web for companies that need volunteers. It may be somewhat awkward because you’re gonna play the lab rat. But since it’s free, it’s really worth it.

Here are  a few areas that give free services for practice and training their personnel:

  • Dental – free dental checkup
  • Cosmetics – free haircut, or makeup
  • Medical – free general checkup

4. Take A Survey

Want to voice out your opinions? Why not give out your opinions and get free merchandise for it. Hundreds of sites have online surveys which anyone can fill out. After filling out the marketing surveys, they’ll give out free merchandise. Some sites even have point systems that lets you exchange it for certain items.  It’s pretty much like their buying your opinion for kind. Works enough for me, why not give it a try? You don’t have anything to lose in trying it anyway.

5. Visit Brand Sites

Try to search for the sites of your favorite brands. Try to browse for free giveaways. If they don’t have any, try to look for samples. If you have to, try calling their customer support hot line. Often times, they have samples and other freebies that are ready to go to your doorstep any time.

6. Research On Trade Fairs

There are many online trade fairs that you can check out. Try to take a look on clearance sales. Just try to contact the sellers and  haggle on free stuff. Some vendors just give away remaining stocks rather than keeping them again.

7. Recycling Sites

Doesn’t really mean you’d have to deal with mother nature. These are just some sites that let people give away reusable stuff. Site registration for freecycle sites is free, so you don’t have to worry. There’s no catch, you just have to be vigilant for the free stuff you like.

8. Swap Or Trade

Though stuff that are posted are not entirely free, at least you don’t have to spend cash. Many people post stuff they want to trade on the internet. You just got to take time and try to find the best online trade sites.