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How to Get Health Insurance When Pregnant

How to Get Health Insurance When Pregnant PhotoGetting a health insurance is another burden for pregnant women aside from their emotional struggles. Hospital bills and monthly consultations are too expensive nowadays and it would be very hard for someone who has got no medical coverage.

Pregnancy is being considered as a pre-existing condition by most insurance companies. This makes it more difficult for pregnant women to get a health insurance. So how can you get one? Let’s get you some help on this.

Inquire to your employer

Ask the Human Resources staff of your company to check if your pregnancy will be covered by your health card. If not, ask your spouse to inquire if their company offers a health plan for your delivery. Remember that as long as you or your partner’s employer offers a plan with maternity coverage, your pregnancy should not be considered as a pre-existing condition under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Consult your local DHS office

The DHS (Department of Health and Human Services) can also help on getting you a payment plan or a medical coverage for your pregnancy and delivery. Before that, you will have to prove your income and your identity to be qualified for a support. You will need to submit identification and documents such as Social Security ID, bank statements, driver’s license, birth certificate and others that will support your application.

Check for Medicaid offers

Medicaid is a US Federal funded health program for people with low income. It is very highly suggested for pregnant women who don’t have a medical coverage to check if they can qualify for it. First, you have to check if your state offers Medicaid. If it is, apply for it and it will be assessed whether you are eligible depending on your income. If you and your husband is not earning that much, there’s a higher chance that you will be qualified for it.

Ask the local hospital

The case of a pregnant woman having no health insurance is no longer isolated. Since this happens normally, doctors and hospitals are already aware of it and can understand a pregnant woman’s situation. Talk to a staff and discuss about payment plans and insurance. They are more knowledgeable when it comes to topics like this.

Of all the stages in life that a woman has to go through, pregnancy is said to be the most difficult. Despite the worries about you and your baby’s health, you are not safe from financial worries from coming into your life. Good thing is that there are a lot of places where you can get help. So never stop searching for ways and expect the best reward once you have a successful delivery.