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How to Get Help to Start a Small Business

How to Get Help to Start a Small Business PhotoThere are a lot of things that you would have to look into when planning to start a business. The most important thing to have among these is money. It often takes a considerable amount of cash to start a business from scratch, and oftentimes what you have in your bank personally is not enough. Here are some ways on where and how you can get help to start a small business.

Business partners

You can get one or two business partners to help you get the business up and running. Of course, they would have to put up their share financially as well.

Having partners mean that you will have someone helping you with the spending. Still, it would also mean that you will have someone to share profits with, as well as decisions to be made.

Bank loans

You can apply for a loan in banks, whether it be for personal or business loans. Interest rates are not that steep, although collaterals like houses or cars are often required. You can ask you local bank for options when it comes to loans.

Lending companies

Several private companies also offer financial assistance when it comes to loans, and they can adjust loan amounts according to your needs. However, be wary or payment terms as well as interest rates as they sometimes have much higher rates than banks.


Crowdfunding is an entirely new way of getting money to start a business. By pitching your idea to the public, individuals may voluntarily provide you with micro-donations that, when compiled over volume and time, will result in a considerable amount.

Look into crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.com and see how these types of services can help you.

Families and friends

Of course, families and friends are there to give you a lending hand. They can offer you loans with little to no interest, and some would even be willing to give it for free.

In return, you can promise to pay them back once you earn money from your business, you can make them shareholders of your company where they own part of your business without having to get involved directly in its daily operations.

These are just some of the ways and places where you can get the money to get your company up and running. Make sure that you have enough funds before you quit your day job, or you might find yourself stuck up a river without a paddle.