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How to Get the Job You Want

How to Get the Job You WantAre you eyeing a specific job? Not everybody can afford to be picky when it comes to employment. With the economy on an all-time low, applicants must actually sell themselves more.

This article will show you how to ace those tough interviews and get ahead on your competition. Here are ways to stand out in an interview.

Play your part

A crisp and clean suit never fails to impress. Keep everything clean and professional. Wear colors that are muted and cuts that are understated.

This means that funky nail polish and wild eye makeup are a No-no. Don’t forget to trim your nails. Most interviewers have a strong dislike for dragon lady nail claws so trim them before the interview.

Standout resume

From start to finish, make yourself stand out. Don’t just hand out generic resumes. Prepare a resume and emphasize the skills you have that fit the needs of the company. Familiarize yourself with the proper construction of a resume before you make and submit one. The right resume can speak volumes for you even prior to interview.

Act the part

There is nothing sexier than confidence. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, though. Learn to know the difference. Charm, coupled by wit will help increase your chances of landing that job.

When shaking hands, a firm grip is a must. Make eye contact too. This will make you stand out and help the interviewer remember you among the many applicants. Take the time to learn the basic interview etiquette and master them. You need all the help you can get.

Know yourself

Know both your weakness and your strength. Most applicants focus too much on their strengths. While this isn’t a dreadful thing, you still need to know what your weak points are so you can make amends to fix it. Everyone must be honest; nobody is perfect, but everyone can all strive to be.

Most applicants are struck dumb when interviewers ask them what their weaknesses are. Always be ready with your answer. For example, you can answer them by telling them what your weakness is and what you’re doing to address it.

Do your homework

Impress the interviewer by learning what the company is all about prior to the interview. Tell them about yourself and what your skills are. Knowing the business of the company gives you an edge because it shows your interest in the job and determination to get it. This is the perfect time to share what skills you have and how you can be of help to the company to achieve its goals.

The magic words

Always view the interviewer as a buyer and you as the commodity. You certainly have to sell yourself and your skills. To do that, you need to make yourself as irresistible to them as possible. Words like “I’m eager to work” and “I’m willing to learn” are music to the employer’s ears.

It shows enthusiasm to work for the company.

Getting the job you want requires strategy, wit and charm. Be at the top of your game by covering all grounds so you won’t ever be caught off guard. Take note of all 5 tips and know it by heart. You’ll be glad you did, when you’re across the interviewer. Best of luck!