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How to Give Back to the Community

How to Give Back to the CommunityYour community has played a big role on to whatever you are right now. There are times when you will encounter different challenges in life and you are able to win it because of what is around you. It could be a neighbor, a friend or a volunteer which have helped you in different ways that they could. It is also possible that you have the strength and courage to move on because of the moral support that they threw in.

If you feel that your community had helped you a lot, you can repay them for giving back. All communities are in need of different things. Your community may need new facilities, more volunteers for wellness projects and a lot more.  Knowing some of these will definitely open a window for you to offer a hand and give back in any way you want.

All individuals or businesses, whatever the amount of income is, can give back, and there are a lot of ways to choose from. Let us discuss about those one by one. You can choose one or you can do all. The most important thing here, whatever help you give, your community will definitely appreciate it.

Donate the things you don’t need

There are things in our boxes that we don’t need and other person can benefit from those. Even if you are donating, you need to be mindful of how the items appear. The less-fortunate may need those things but it is not a good thing to give them damaged, unsanitized and distasteful things.

Here are some of the items that you can donate. You can look for a charity box near you or give it to the person in charge of collecting donations for your community.

  • Clothing – If it doesn’t fit or is out of fashion give it away. Make sure that it is clean and not damaged.
  • Books – If you are sure that you won’t read a book anymore and you don’t want to keep it, then donate.
  • Shoes – Even if it is old, as long as it is not damaged, you can donate it and make someone else happy.
  • Canned goods – Donate foods that are not expired. Make sure that the containers are not opened, damaged and punctured.

Participate in fundraising events

Hold auctions to raise money for a cause.  It is one popular ways that organizations do to earn money for charity. You can also think of other activities like a contest or a mini-concert that could sell too many tickets.

Serve food to the homeless

Once a week, participate on feeding programs being held within your community. You can also donate money as additional funds for the program. One good way of earning money to donate is by allotting an hour of office work every day or every week.

Church activities

Churches also need assistance on its many activities. It has a day care center where you can assist on bringing healthy snacks to the children. You can also volunteer to clean the facilities of the church or do some office-work at the administration office.


Do you have a lot of things to share with the youth or for those who want to learn on something that you are good at? This is one good opportunity for frustrated teachers and for those who are training to be one. Once a week, you can lend four hours of your time to teach a group of people about different things. You can teach about how to maintain a website, bookkeeping, cooking and many others.

One good way of giving back is by volunteering your time. Make your day longer and self-fulfilling by doing things like the above.

  • http://www.effortlesshr.com/blog/ Tanya

    I’m a big fan of donating things that you don’t need. Why through it a way when somebody else might really need it. My sister works at a day care and so now when my son outgrows his clothes they go straight to the kids there that my sister says doesn’t have a lot of clothes. Its a benefit for you and others. You get rid of a lot of clutter and the other people have some new items.