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How to Give Money to Charity

How to Give Money to Charity PhotoThere is no heartwarming feeling other than giving something to charity. Being fortunate enough to help people in need is a blessing one must put into good use. Charity is something given openly without hesitation.

Money is the most essential charitable donation that these people might need. Most of those who receive charity are either victims of natural disasters, unforeseen life events like death of family members and tragic financial crisis. Most of them need money, not only to buy food and shelter but also to start up their lives again.

You can give money to charity even if you do not work for charitable institutions. Even you as a typical household can do something somehow to help the poor brothers and sisters in need. Here’s how.

Church and charitable institutions

Most often than not, the church accepts charitable donations from everyone. Not only do they accept monetary donations, but also relief goods and any humanitarian aid. Charitable institutions like the Red Cross or UNICEF also provide donation boxes for you.

Canned goods, blankets and even medicines are much accepted for dissemination on areas that need it the most. If you donate money, the institution will be ones to allocate it for specific needs for the people.

Online charity sites

If you have no time to go to charitable institutions, you can still give aid through online donations. There are a lot of online charity sites that you can visit. For as long as you have a credit card, you can automatically send cash to different organizations for them to use for charity.

Just make sure that you are visiting legitimate online charity sites. There are a lot of scam charity sites circulating online. You may want to counter check first online sites by calling their contact information for security purposes.

Involve in fundraising

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are about 26.3% of Americans over age 16 who volunteered for charitable organizations between September 2009 and 2010. Volunteering to join fundraising activities is one way to help those who are in need.

You can do a garage sale on your personal items or sell out home-baked goodies in your community. The money raised can be allotted for charitable purposes.

Help develop independence

If you are near to a community who needs financial help, you can help them raise money through teaching them livelihood programs. You can ask help from government institutions for a couple of training  Recycling to make ecobags, souvenirs and even home decorations are one of the common programs offered.

In this way, you are able to create independence and hope for these people. Also, this is a long-term goal of helping them develop ways of living with the use of resources that they have. They would learn how to use money to create money.

Giving money to charity is easy. What is hard is how you sustain the money you give to them. It is important, that aside from the in-kind donations you give them, you are able to strengthen them to do something to survive life even without financial aid.