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How to Go Green at Work

How to Go Green at Work PhotoMaking an effort to be environmentally friendly is a noble decision. Aside from, saving much of your budget, it also preserves our planet to be still a pleasant place to dwell for the future generation. As much as you apply it at home, doing it in your workplace can effectively further your cause.

Here are ample useful hints on how you can go green in your workplace.

Go for a green ride to work

Every day, you commute or drive your own car to work. Cars produce carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the environment. As much as possible do your part in order to minimize this.

  • Join a car pool or share in a car to work.
  • If your workplace is close to your home, consider walking to work during early mornings or on a cool afternoon. This will not only help you save on your budget but it is also a good exercise for your body. You can also ride your bike if you prefer.
  • Work from home. If your office job allows you, you can always do your work at home. This method will also help reduce the time spent, in your travel to work.
  • Ride the train or subway if possible to get to your workplace.

Reduce paper waste

If you can, go paperless. Determine if you unquestionably need to print it. To help minimize your paper waste – keep files on your computer. You can also utilize the back of a page in printing documents to conserve paper.

Along with this, send updates and memos via email and not on paper. Print only when it is truly needed. Review documents and files online.

Turn off, not in use office devices

Devices like speakers, printers, scanners and an overhead projector, like other electronic gadgets, consumes energy even if it is not used. Make sure to turn them off and unplug, to conserve energy effectively.

Use your computer sensibly

Turn the computer off when no one is using it, especially if you are going to leave your desk for about an hour. The idea that frequently turning a computer on and off will cause damage to it is untrue.

Avoid using screensavers since it utilizes energy instead of saving it. Using laptops also helps reduce energy consumption compared to a desktop.

Minimize energy consumption

Always turn the lights off when nobody is using it. Switch off lights in the conference area when it is not in use.

Make sure the air vents in the building’s HVAC system are regularly cleaned to minimize energy consumption.

Maintain adequate air flow

Make sure that your windows have no obstruction to allow air to circulate in your work room freely.

If possible, place some indoor plants in your office to help absorb polluted air inside.


Collect paper waste in your office as well as other recyclable stuffs and bring it to a recycling station.

Choosing to be environment friendly comes with various benefits. It is also one way of portraying your concern to Mother Nature as well as on your budget.