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How to Go Through Airport Security Smoothly

How to Go Through Airport Security Smoothly PhotoIt is a fact that most airports have gone through drastic security changes. The once all-fun-no-stress airport has now turned into an intense place that dreads almost all passengers.

And since no one can change this, unless you’re the President himself, your only choice is to follow the rules so that you can pass that airport security smoothly.

Here are some tips for you to go through airport security quickly:

Be organized

Aside from keeping your rolling bag neat and your clothes all folded, you should also ensure that all the necessary papers such as IDs, licenses and plane ticket are on your hands.

Of course, you don’t want other people to get irritated just because you’re still busy digging up and they’re already getting late for their flights.

One is enough

Have you ever seen people in the airport carrying two small sized shoulder bags and dragging another roller bag? No matter how stylish and expensive your bag is, if it’s too bulky and makes you uncomfortable, better leave it behind.

It is advisable to put everything – gadgets, toiletries and other essentials – in one bag only. This way, you don’t have to deal with too much security alarm issues.

Only bring the necessary

Having a long vacation will justify those large and bulky bags. But if you will spend only a few days in another place, it’s advisable to bring only the necessary clothes and stuff.

Bringing bulky baggage to the airport can cause delays to other people in case there will be a problem and the security personnel would want to check your bag.

Pay attention

If you will pass the security area of an airport, you should know that they have a long list of rules for you to follow.

You will be asked to take off your shoes and remove all the metal stuffs in you so that the alarm won’t go crazy.

To end the delays:

  • It’s wise to wear slip-on shoes, sandals or any pair of bare footwear, to the airport
  • Avoid wearing belts and studded jackets
  • Metallic accessories are also not advised

Pack liquids properly

Before heading to the airport, ensure that all your leads are packed well.

  • Put them in small bottles and they should not exceed in 3 ounces
  • Toothpaste is a no-no thus, you have to rely on dental floss alone
  • These stuffs should all be placed in a zip-lock bag
  • Put it in your carry-on bag, never inside big suitcases

Mixing it in your huge rolling bag might only give you difficulties in case the airport people want to check it.

These may appear simple and basic tips for most people, but oftentimes, it is the basic and simple matters that are always forgotten. If you have stuff that you believe may bring threat to the airport security, it’s wise to call the airport before travelling and review all their do’s and dont’s to avoid any problems, and discuss any matter regarding your travel.