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How to Handle Negative Business Reviews

How to Handle Negative Business Reviews PhotoIn the business industry, there will always be competitions in order to know whether the business is running smoothly or badly. For the business owners, it is always healthy if they consider all reviews a healthy one even if it is negative. And, you can always deal it with much dignity and gentleness. So here are steps in handling negative review:

Reviews are made to build or destroy

Always bear in mind that reviews are made to build up or to destroy. Find out if it is sincerely made to “Make” your business much improved or maliciously made to “Break” your business in order to get ahead of you. There are some individuals who are being paid by the competitors just to publish negative words to undermine the credibility of the company.

Not all reviews are real

If the details of the review are not based on a credible source, chances are their ideas are based on false accusations and hear-says.

Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion

Always consider that everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. Sometimes people will just say anything even if it means hurting other people’s reputations or destroying someone’s life.

Don’t agree if you know its a fabrication

Bear in mind that you do not necessarily agree with what it said if you know it’s not true. They can just put you down by writing anything even without any consideration.

Always look at the positive side of it

Maybe a client is hurt with the way the crew responds to his/her queries, and it is his/her way of drawing the attention of the management.

It can also be a reminder to improve the quality of service the company provides. It might serve as an eye opener for some improvements concerning some company procedures and policies.

Negative reviews provide potential clients

Just like the example of some celebrity. Bad publicity can still contribute to their popularity. It’s not that you need them, but if it is there, just ride on to it, but not to the extent.

Your possible prerogatives

A business owner always has the prerogative how to handle negative business reviews. A representative of the spokesperson of the company can contact the source of the unfavorable publicity or review, and ask if he/she is willing to retract the accusations.

If the offender is willing to ask for an apology, he can make some options. It can be in public, in person or in writing. If it is in writing, the offended party may tell the offender to write it below his negative business write ups that will serve as a contrast to the negative issue written or he/she might have a better option correcting the offense. But if the offender refuses to apologize, the offended party may decide to file for a formal complaint to a legal forum.

Most customers are likely to share their negative comments or reviews rather than positive ones. It should not make the business people upset, but rather, stirs them up to improve more. Aiming higher, going to excellence. And remember, if a business shows only excellent reviews, it will seem biased to the clients.