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How to Have a Good Day at Work

How to Have a Good Day at WorkGoing to work every day is one of the things people hate to do but they have to. Forbes cited that only 19% of workers said that they are satisfied with their jobs. A bigger percent says they are not happy at all. A reason for this unhappiness may be due to a misfit career or the people around the working environment. It could also be that people are getting tired of the routine their jobs do and wish they could have a break from all the stress.

Yet, working is something everyone must do to survive. If you do not have the resources yet to live for at least a decade without doing anything, then you must face your job and work to the fullest. To do so, you must learn to love and be happy with your job every day. Here’s how to be:

Get enough sleep

Work is equivalent to stress. You stress your body and mind simultaneously causing you to be drained at the end of a day’s work. To be able to fully regain the energy lost on the next working day, you must at least recharge your body through an 8-hour sleep.

Sleep is the only way your body can restore your energy. When you constantly lack sleep and stress your body too much at work, you will see the effects almost right away through your physical appearance.

You get dark eye circles, wrinkles and sluggish every day. When one is sleepy, you cannot concentrate on whatever you are doing. You would only end up getting frustrated why you can’t get a work done or worse, you sacrificed the quality of your work because of it.

Eat breakfast

Breakfast is always the important meal of the day. To be able to fully perform your duties at work, eat a full meal that is rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamin C. Wheat bread, eggs and oranges are just some of the many food that you can eat to be able to have that energy for the whole day.

A full tummy gives a happy tummy and a happy mind. One can think better and faster when there is enough supply of glucose in the brain. Glucose can only be acquired through an intake of sugar rich food and carbohydrates.

Plan your day

Before heading to your office, plan out what you have for the day. Setting a schedule in your planner on what are your goals for the day would help you to become organized. If possible, plan the night before you go to work. You would be more at ease to know you are more than ready to go to work the next day.

Greet people with a smile

Walk to your office with a smile. Greet people with “Good Morning” even though they seem to not show you with the same happy face. When you do this regularly, you would actually feel good about yourself everyday. It would make your mornings lighter and shinier knowing you can make someone happy somehow.

Create a mindset

The most important tool above all these is creating the right mindset. Bad days at work can happen. Yet, if you always reinforce in your mind that everything is going to be okay, it will be okay. The more you have a positive outlook throughout the day, the more positive energy will come to you.

Saying all these may seem easy but hard to do. Good days are actually ahead of you. You just have to learn to turn those not-so-good days in your own positive perspective and master positive habits to make your work a lot easier and fun.