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How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale Photo


Do you have plenty of stuff you no longer use at home? Are you looking for an effective way to make money out of those things? Then having a garage sale is the answer. It will not only help you earn extra cash but it will also help you rid of your excess items at home.

However, it is important that you learn how to do it the right way in order for you to successfully earn while de-congesting your home.

Steps to a Successful Garage Sale

Have a systematized way of gathering your stuffs

When your home has lots of clutter and unwanted items, it’s time to grab a box. Place those items you have not been using for several months inside a box and set aside. Make this a habit throughout the year and you’ll be surprised how many of your unused things you have collected.

Don’t forget to take a peek at your attic, basement and the garage. You can also include vintage items you no longer want such as an old cassette tape, CDs, old electronic stuffs and the likes. Who knows someone might be interested in those items.

Planning is vital

It is important that you chose the right day to have a garage sale.  Schedule it during a time in which people will not have to disrupt their daily working schedule just to attend to your sale. Therefore, the best time to conduct a garage sale is during Friday night and Saturday morning.

The weather is also important to have a successful garage sale. Usually, people will find it more comfortable to attend to your sale in the early mornings when it is cooler to avoid the sun’s heat.

Secure a Permit

In some states, those who plan to conduct a garage sale will need to secure a permit from the local authorities. It is important that you check on your area and get a permit to avoid fines and being stopped and questioned by the local authorities.

Effective Ways to Announce and Promote Your Sale

Garage Sale Sign

Providing a large “Garage Sale” sign with arrows pointing towards your home is a good way to capture people’s attention and direct them to your sale. Make sure that you put your address on the sign to help interested individuals find their way to your place. It is also important to verify in with your local authorities if they allow the use and posting of garage sale signs.

Posting on your local newspaper and advertising online is also an effective way to catch people’s attention and gain more customers for your garage sale.

Preparation Is Essential

Price stuff individually to keep the trade more organized than keeping similar items in one box with a single price. Things can get jumbled and hard to keep in order as the sale progresses. You can also group similar items such as toys, clothes, electronics and kitchen stuffs to help people find their way more easily.

Be prepared with the change you will owe for your customers. Ensure that you have ones, fives or twenty dollars on hand to keep the sale run smoothly and also to satisfy your customers.

  • Luisa

    Making yard signs is my favorite part in planning garage sales/ yard sales :)