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How to Have a Yard Sale

How to Have a Yard Sale PhotoOpening a yard sale is absolutely exciting! This is an easy way to earn some extra cash.

What do you have stored away in the attic? Maybe the basement needs some clearing away. Does your closet contain clothes you’ll never wear again?

Why not make a few bucks out of those?

Setting up a yard sale can be fun but needs organization. You’ll have to plan. Here are some sensible tips on setting one up.

What to do days before the yard sale

1. Prepare and Collect stuff

The two most important things to keep in mind during a yard sale are:

  • Community Rules – Almost always, permits are needed for yard sales. Consult with your home owners/neighborhood association and city government.
  • Items to sell – Have you seen everything to be sold? Are they plenty enough to attract customers? You know, if there’s only a few items, people won’t bother to come near.

Preparation and collection takes days. People who’ve done it say they’ve prepared for even more!

The reason for so much time is so you can:

  • Clean stuff
  • Test if electronics still work
  • Wash away stains from clothes.

During the preparation process, you can collect materials to help you sell such as:

  • Display tables
  • Hangers
  • Boxes
  • Paper for tagging, wrapping

2. Record all items

Writing down everything will be an important procedure. Sometimes, price tags get lost and having this will save you.

A record will also help you track sold and unsold objects.

At this stage, you can place price tags on your stuff. Remember to think like a customer though. I’m very sure you won’t buy a second hand PSP for $200.

3. Select a good place

Bloggers who’ve made great sales say the location should be clean. Your yard and side of the house should display beauty. Customers will feel more welcome this way.

Another tip: Saturdays make great days for yard sales.

4. Advertize

Do not just place signs 2 days before the sale. Do what seasoned sellers do, they post weeks before. It would also help if you can place an ad in you local newspaper.

In advertizing, colorful and attractive invitations would be great. Enlarge fonts and make the words “sale” as attractive/visible as possible. Unleash your creativity in making posters!

If I were going to a yard sale, I’d definitely want to know where it is exactly. Directions are important. In your poster, draw diagrams or maps.

Check out these samples:

5. Gather lots of change

You know what would be funny when customers start paying? If you didn’t have change! They’d probably take the item and joke about paying up next sale instead.

Be ready with your small bills and coins.

Things to do on the day of the sale

6. Prepare your location

  • On the yard, set up your tables. Arrange everything according to categories. Place as many tables as possible for customers will inspect items here.
  • Provide an area where you can transact and wrap. Your sale will be more organized when people know where to pay.
  • Instead of folding clothes, hang them in a clothesline. Wouldn’t you agree it’ll be easier to inspect?
  • Have an extension wire ready to test electronics. Customers would want to see if your old vacuum cleaner still works.
  • Display attractive stuff near the road. These will draw people near your sale.

Check out these Examples:

7. Liven up your sale

I’ve been to yard sales where it’s really really quiet. I was bored easily and was uncomfortable tinkering around.

If you want to liven up your yard sale, play some music. Choose upbeat and catchy ones that are popular to the general public. Most successful sellers agree with this.

It would be nice if you greeted your customers. I personally feel very welcome when folks do this.

As a last thing, you can bring out some coffee or juice. People enjoy rummaging when there are refreshments around. You can sell these too, or offer freely.