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How to Help Save the Planet Earth

How to Help Save the Planet Earth PhotoFor years, people have been trying to save the planet with measures to reduce waste and greenhouse gases. They have TV ads, campaigns, school programs and various community projects. But there are still just a few people who are actually doing something to save the earth.

There are actually a lot of easy ways you can do to help save the planet. Here are 8 of these activities:


While 75% of our total solid waste products can be recycled, it seems only 30% is actually being recycled. People need to truly find time to segregate wastes and recycle them. Take advantage of the recycling trucks that circle the blocks. Or you can deliver your recyclable items to the companies yourself.

Reduce plastic use

Plastic is one of the deadliest enemies of the earth, so try to reduce your plastic consumption. Bring a bag when you’re buying groceries. Ask for paper bags when taking out food. Lessen your plastic water bottle and other plastic ware consumption.

Save energy

The great thing about saving energy is you’re not just saving the planet, you’re also saving your money as well.

Turn off and unplug appliances when you’re not using them. Instead of turning on the reading light, go outside and read there. Instead of staying all day at home on the weekends watching TV or surfing the internet, walk around the park and exercise.

Get a water filter

Many people spend money and consume plastic containers on water bottles. Why not consider getting a water filter? In terms of bacteria content, the difference is not that much anyway. Even bottled water has a certain amount of bacteria in them.

It might cost you quite a bit now, but in the long run, what you’ll get is less plastic consumption, more savings for your wallet, and free unlimited water.

Get rid of biodegradable trash properly

Make sure you segregate your trash properly. For those biodegradables, make sure they are kept properly until the recycling trucks arrive. Visit compost areas and contribute your waste there. You can also visit the local farms and horticulturists’ dens. Maybe they can use your kitchen wastes.

Involve the community

Ask your local community on what you can do with all your biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. If you don’t have a program for non-biodegradable wastes, then make one. Don’t just do it on your own; involve the community. The more people recycling, the better it is for our planet.

Ride a bike or walk

Instead of commuting, why not get a bike or walk? Lessen your city’s gas consumption by taking walks and riding your bike to work or school. Gas saved means less greenhouse gases for the ozone.

Reuse items

Before handing those bottles, card boards and paper waste to the recycling company, why not consider reusing them? Wine bottles can be turned into classy lamps and vases. Paper can be made into homemade grocery bags or wrappers. Let your creativity guide you into turning your waste into works of art.

Many believe that these small ways can’t help the planet significantly. But if everyone would do these little things every day, it’s bound to make a massive difference in the world someday.