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How to Help Your Team Perform Better

How to Help Your Team Perform Better PhotoWhether you’re a team leader or not, you should have the initiative to help your teammates perform better. You should also learn how to deal with their individual characteristics if you want your team to succeed.

Sounds like a big challenge? Indeed, it is.

But it won’t be as difficult as how you think if these tips will be followed.

Lead by example

Oh yeah, as common as we hear almost every day. But what does it actually mean? And is it truly effective in improving a team’s performance?

Leading by example plays a vital role in every team’s performance. If you will be one lazy and reckless team member, most probably the other members will follow. After all, why would they exert efforts if you’re not?

Leading by being a good example can go a long way. And it is truly one effective way to help your entire team perform better.

Learn to listen

Being labeled as a team leader doesn’t mean you will make all the decisions. The other members have their own thoughts as well, and it actually pays to listen if you wish to succeed. You never know, perhaps their ideas are better than yours.

Keep in mind that leading is not the same as commanding, and that leading is way better than the latter.

Proper communication

Another reason why a team fails to succeed is because of miscommunication. Whatever personal issues you have with a team member, it’s highly advisable to set is aside when the work starts to roll.

Feel free to express whatever thought you have and let the other members feel that they also have the same kind of freedom.

Be reminded of your goals

If you think the entire team is about to shatter, it would be best to go back and discuss your goals again. Open up that topic and clarify some points, such as why are you working in the first place and why your team should succeed.

This may be a small action, but it’s an effective eye opener for all members to perform better.

Be fair in participation

Overreacting on tasks is common when working in a team. That is why being fair in assigning tasks is particularly important. All members should participate equally in whatever activity the entire team has.

After all, a team will not be a team if only one person is working.

Alternate leadership

Another effective tip to help your team is to suggest alternate leadership. Assign a member to act as the team leader at a certain span of time and after his turn, assign another leader.

This way, every member of the team will have the chance to lead.  And will have a deeper understanding on the importance of working together.

Teaching one’s self how to work harder may be easy, but dealing with an entire team is a whole new story. The entire team’s achievement does not only rely on a single member’s effort. However, the entire team’s failure can be caused by only a single individual. It may sound unfair at some point but is it a fact.

  • http://www.searchingforhappy.com Alex@happy thought for the day

    All excellent advice! My favorite is always to lead by example. Leaders (or team members) who don’t lead by example are bad for morale.