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How to Identify a Workaholic

How to Identify a Workaholic PhotoDo you know someone who works so hard for a living?  Will you conclude that that person is actually a workaholic? How would you know that person is truly a workaholic?

This article will be presenting you the title “workaholic” in a more technical explanation on how the word is defined.

Workaholic, in the dictionary, is a person who is addicted to working. The person simply feels compelled to do it; in medical science, it is a condition which could be a stress related or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder which responds to work.

This could sound strange and exaggerating, but it actually makes sense. So here below are some ways to identify a workaholic person.

Spends too much time working

A person is considered workaholic if he or she spends all of their time at work. Though he or she is supposed to leave by 8 pm, still, chooses to stay in the office until around 12. He or she even skips meals or sometimes never takes a break.

A person is also considered workaholic if he takes work matters at home and works on it all night long. Often times, workaholics doesn’t only mind their own share of tasks, they also stick their noses out for someone else’s work.

Less time for their selves

Some workaholic people even forget to change their clothes, which is particularly obvious by the next day you meet them. May sound silly, but these things actually happen.

The most terrible thing is that a workaholic individual forces him or herself to go back to work though he or she is horribly sick and needs to relax. Furthermore, they have no time for themselves.


A workaholic person doesn’t mind going out for any recreational activities. They also don’t have time to make love, to watch the news, to enjoy holidays or even to attend a friend’s burial.

And when you push a workaholic person to do so, he or she would only argue with you for asking him, or her to leave their work behind.

Racing with time

You see them always in a rush. They don’t even enjoy their break time. A regular break time is taken for 30 minutes, but they cut it short to less than 15 minutes or 10 minutes and usually they choose not to take it.

For them, time is gold, and there should be no single minute to be wasted. They even go to work an hour earlier and leave very late.

Very forgetful

Because workaholic people seem to be always in a rush and they spend all of their time at work, they then miss many things to bring, forget birthdays and celebrated occasions, and they are sometimes even confused with the date.

They misplaced things and are hardly to remember where they put it.

Maybe, the word “workaholic” is more of an expression than description. Simply because, people don’t have much knowledge about the word, they then tend to describe a person as a “workaholic” based on how they recognize his or her actions. Now, what is workaholic again?