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How to Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

How to Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses Photo“What are your strengths and weaknesses?” is the one question that keeps on bugging every job applicant during an interview. It may sound like a feeble-minded question, but it needs a profound answer in order to nail that job interview.

Furthermore, indeed, it is important to know your own share of strengths and weaknesses, whether with an interview present or not. It is to assess how well you know yourself and if you’re living life to the fullest. But, people sometimes find it hard to do a personal assessment. If you’re among them, here are some tips on how to identify such traits:

Consider your desires

Your own personal desires can simply tell many things about you. It can be about a goal or even a childhood dream, your passion or favorite past time, it can be your habit or your favorite sport. Acknowledging your desires is also a way to acknowledge your real strengths.

As for your weaknesses, it is the opposite of your desires. And as it comes to you, list down the things you hate to have or things to do.

List down things

Write down things that you think or even believe you are strong or weak at. This is based on what you do in life and how you see things, both personal and professional. You can do this in a 2-column format, written “strengths – weaknesses”, and compare the two columns. Then reflect how you feel about your identified strengths and weaknesses.

Ask someone for comments or feedbacks

It can be a close friend or an immediate family member, yes you can have self examination, but getting another person’s opinion will help you think outside the box and solidify your own observations and even shatter some illusions.

Have someone who can be bluntly honest about some questions and will give you the truth. Ask that trusted someone about some relevant questions that you think will help you assess your true nature. And as much as possible, decline your mother’s offer to be your confidante in this phase.

Personality Test

First in the list is to take a personality test. There are innumerable personality aptitude tests online that can aid you to assess the real score about your abilities and interests. But be sure to be honest with yourself when taking one of these tests.

Look for test that are provided by reputable sites and that have been made of questions that are compiled by reputable psychologists. Furthermore, you can conduct a formal background research about a particular site.

Consult a professional

If you think that the aforementioned tips didn’t help you out that much, better consult a professional to do a personality check on you. A good test must be long, especially in the personality profiling part which will be strenuously studied and will then be compiled.

After taking the test, if you’re willing to do something about the results, see to it that you can have a one on one talk with the psychologist and possibly work out a plan of action together.