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How to Impress Your Boss

How to Impress Your Boss Photo


When it comes to your career, you would want to look good in the eyes of your boss and gain his respect. Since he supervises and has the most control of your daily activities, he is the person who possesses the power to improve your work life.

Your boss has a certain goal like you. If he plans to move up, he would need a loyal follower to move up with him. A good sign that it would be you is when he’s starting to give you a lot of work. You will also feel that you are always being coached and shaped all the time.  For it to be really you, continue building a good impression.

Here are some of the ways to impress your boss. Take note, these are not just being given to you for the purpose of a job advancement. This will also help you to be a better person which will help you out with your career and look good not just in the eyes of the people you want to amaze.

Work hard on this and once you are able to accomplish something, the rest becomes easier. So that’s where prizes start coming in.

Save your company’s money

Like your personal finances, the company needs to make money in order to grow and improve its operations. For the company to save more money it just needs to earn more and spend less.

Contribute on making this happen and it will show your boss that you care about the company’s success. Make early suggestions and share your bright ideas. If you have direct control over cutting some expenses, start doing it.  Think of more ways to reduce cost and provide more assets to the company.

Accept criticism

If you know that you did something wrong and you are being coached by your manager, accept it. Being wrong does not mean that you are not a fit for a job. Everybody is not safe on committing errors. Even your boss is being criticized by his boss. He has to accept it and take it as a learning opportunity, so why wouldn’t you?

Work outside your schedule

Since you are trying to prioritize on helping your boss on his projects, be sure that you are around when he needs you. Most managers work outside their schedule to do a lot of work so you have to do the same thing. Come in first and be the last to leave.

Dress up

Look good literally. Since your boss might be shaping you up for the managerial position, he might take you to some a board meeting with big clients and executives. It is very important for you to check on yourself and put a little color on your face. Ask your boss regarding the dates and wear the best that you’ve got.

Help your boss to succeed

As we’ve said earlier on this article, your boss has certain goals like yours. Remember that the success of your boss will be your success too. If he gets promoted with your help, he will certainly choose you to replace him for a chance of a continued partnership.

Do the best that you can do to make him look impressive in the eyes of his manager. Continue to assist, collaborate and make suggestions.  Disagree if you need to. Bosses don’t want to be told that they are right all the time, especially when they feel like something is not solid with their idea. Speak up your thoughts and gain everybody’s respect for it.

Make your boss realize that you are giving support but you don’t suck up to him all the time. With this, you could gain his trust, respect and become a close friend. Your boss will then see you as an ally and he’ll return the favor at the right time.

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    I have worked for many bosses and been on huge wages but at the end of the day I gave it all up to work for myself. I dont make much money ‘Yet’ however I am out of the whole game what you listed above. I really did make me cringe, brought back bad memories of the office world, it really is evil, there is no other word for it.

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    Part of helping your boss to succeed is to think like he does. What are his concerns about his subordinates? How does he view his position in the company? How does he think his superiors see him? Knowing the answers to these can help you be more supportive of him.