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How to Improve Managerial Skills

How to Improve Managerial Skills PhotoLeading a team is harder than it seems. Bossing around is the easier one. Being a great manager requires constant improvement of skills. You continuously hone yourself and it’s an endless process.

Below are some tips to get you to your first step to becoming a great manager.

Be human

Treat everyone in the office as humans, not just employees that you work with daily.

Get to know each person in your team. Know that they have unique personalities, skills, likes and dislikes.

Treat people with respect and you’ll get respect and loyalty in return.

Learn to communicate

It’s important to learn how to communicate effectively. Keep your team informed of what’s happening as frequent as possible.

You’ll be frequently interrupted by people who want to talk to you. Learn to listen. After all, your ears are there for that.

Focus on the speaker. Focus on the matter at hand so you can respond accordingly afterwards. They know you can guide them that’s why they’re coming to you.

Let the whole office know and feel that your office is always open for any concerns. This way they won’t be afraid to speak of possible work problems or their opinions and suggestions.

Hear everyone’s suggestions. Don’t be too eager to show off that you already know it won’t work. Respect everyone’s opinion.

Encourage not criticize

Mistakes do happen and you should be able to accept it.

It’s necessary to tell a person if they’ve done something wrong. Give constructive criticisms and advice instead of blaming and insulting them.

Encourage them to do better next time.

Learn to correct others properly and respectfully.

Manage by walking

Break the high wall surrounding your office. Get out of your Fortress of Solitude and mingle with the whole team.

Ask them questions, greet them, eat cake in the pantry and check if they’re still alive. If you make yourself visible to your people, they will know you’re also part of the team and not someone who tyrannically rules over them.

The best advantage of this is that you’ll know firsthand what’s going on inside the office. You’ll know if there are tensions, discomforts, misunderstanding, etc. and you’ll able to respond to these problems immediately.

Be with the team, not above it. Manage people across, not downwards.

Motivate others

A necessary skill for every manager is the ability to motivate others.

Each of us has different levels of self-motivation. It’s up to you to know what motivates each member of your team.

It’s not that bad to provide incentives to keep them motivated, if that’s what they need to keep them up and running.

Share your vision

Let them know your goals and vision for the team.

Keep the team on the same plane. Make sure that everyone understood what you’re trying to convey to them.

Facilitate the team so all of you can get to the target destination.

Always work for improvement

Good managers know that change is good. They anticipate the change and adapt to them accordingly.

Good managers also initiate changes. Changes that will improve those who are around him/her.

Offer your team members the chance to attend trainings and seminars that will help them in their jobs. Encourage them to attend classes that will update their knowledge and teach them new skills.

Improve the work environment to make it a more desirable place to stay. Make them feel happy and comfortable so they can be more productive and efficient in what they do.

Also, at the same time, continue to hone your skills by taking online courses, workshops, seminars and trainings as well to make you a better person and a better manager.